Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Dropping Some Lb’s

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Lately the issue of weight loss has weighed heavily on my mind. After watching hours of YouTube videos and reading dozens of blogs related to people’s weight loss stories, I sometimes want to start my own. It’s not something I am particularly keen on doing here on Girl Meets Bulgaria. However, the more I think about it, losing weight IS part of my journey to moving to Bulgaria, so why not talk about it on here?

I’ve only visited Bulgaria once, but it was long enough to see that I stuck out like a sore (red-headed, fair-skinned, freckly) thumb amongst a sea of gorgeous, jet-black haired, slim Bulgarian beauties. Luckily I had gotten used to being stared at during my travels in India. These stares, however, were for an entirely different reason (in India, EVERY tourist is stared at).

During my entire month-long visit to BG, I think I saw one other girl my age who was “overweight.” ONE! You can’t swing a dead cat in America and not hit 10 obese citizens. It’s a sad, but true, reality.

I’ve wanted to get my butt in gear for years and lose the extra weight, but now, with a move looming in the not so distant future to the land of skinny Europeans, I feel the time has come to buckle down and get healthy. I under no illusion that I will EVER look anything remotely like most Bulgarian girls, nor do I really want to. Quite frankly, I thought the army of clonelike girls were rather freaky.   I would like to be noticed, just in a good way. What girl doesn’t want that?

So… I may update my progress on here from time to time. You’ve been warned!



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