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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

The Art of Learning the Bulgarian Language


Step 1: Scour the internet in search of learning aids-such as text books, DVD courses, and audio CDs

Step 2: Order some of the above. Wait in anticipation for them to ship so that you can begin mastering a new language (How hard can it really be? You took 7 years of Spanish after all. Oh, but you don’t speak any Spanish after said 7 years of lessons? Well, this time it will be different, you HAVE to learn Bulgarian. You are marrying a Bulgarian!)

Step 3: Open the packages, rush out to the office store to purchase needed organizational supplies (binder, dividers, index cards, index card holder,  fancy pens, post-its, glue stick, lamination, etc. )

Step 4: Create and laminate an elaborate set of Bulgarian alphabet flashcards, with sounds and examples included

Step 5: Admire great craftsmanship and creativity

Step 6: Study flashcards for about an hour before retiring them to the depths of your backpack

Step 7: Download audio files from CD you purchased onto your iPod, or other MP3 device

Step 8: Listen to the first few files before becoming annoyed with the British accents and inane subject manner

Step 9: Peruse the text-book a few times before throwing it next to the flashcards in the aforementioned backpack

Step 10: Flash forward about a year. Write a snarky blog post. In English. Try to assuage nagging boyfriend, convince him that you will be fine conversing in charades with his parents when you move to Bulgaria.

(Maybe I’ll just blame Rosetta Stone. I bet I’d be rather fluent by now if they offered Bulgarian!)


3 thoughts on “The Art of Learning the Bulgarian Language

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  2. The only way any of it ever sticks in my brain is listening to Chalga – how much use can one have for that kind of thing?

  3. Love the new blog name; so appropriate! It sounds like you had a lot of fun organizing your Bulgarian language folder. That totally sounds like something I would do: organize everything so it has stellar presentation…..tuck it away forever because the organizing part took all my energy 😉

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