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My Cake Wreck


A few months back I came across a picture of a rainbow bundt cake on a friend’s Facebook page.

 It looked like this:


Immediately, in true Whitney fashion,  I began a voracious web quest to find any and all articles on the internet of rainbow cakes. I couldn’t find any recipe or instructions for the bundt cake, but I did find a rainbow layer cake (thanks Omnomicon) and decided I had to make one.

Now I should say that I am not an experienced baker, but I am doing my best to improve my skills, which is the main reason I wanted to try making this cake.

 My friend A. and I went out and bought all the ingredients, including neon food coloring, and went back to her house to create our own colorful masterpiece.

It started out promising. Basically you just have to make a regular white cake mix then split the batter into smaller bowls based on the number of colors you want, add the food coloring, layer the batter by the spoonful into round cake pans, bake, frost, and enjoy!

Separate cake batter into small bowls and add food coloring

Spoon the batter into cake pans-one spoonful on top of the other

Bake the cakes (we made two 9'' rounds)

Stack and frost the layers

Ours, however, did not turn out as planned. Making the cake was fairly straightforward, albeit a bit messy. Our problems arose when it came time to frost the cake (with “jello pudding frosting” as we were dieting at the time). The cake itself was a bit undercooked and the frosting was AWFUL. After a few bites we decided it was in our best interest to stamp a big fat FAILURE on that nights baking adventure. It did look pretty cute though, even with the wonky frosting job.

Cutting the cake

The final product didn’t look too hideous, but it was certainly not what I had envisioned. I sort of fancy myself a creative person with a dash of perfectionism thrown into the mix, so this cake wreck, while fun to make, was not the baking morale boost that I needed.  

Oh well.

 A. and I had a good laugh, took some pics, and vowed to try again some day.

Practice makes perfect after all!

(a BIG thanks to A. for taking the photos and for posting them on her FB, where I stole them!)

4 thoughts on “My Cake Wreck

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  2. I love this! It sounds like something that would happen to me. I see pictures of creative things people do all the time and think: P’shaw, I could do better than that! It never works 🙂

    • Isn’t it? I love all things colorful, so finding that cake idea made my day! Too bad my own cake didn’t turn out. I will have to try again, but this time I think I will try the bundt cake and plate each slice with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream to look like clouds!

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