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220 Volts: Oh How You Irk Me


Lately I have been trying to improve my baking and cooking skills. Cakes, brownies, Thai food, Chinese, Low-Card… You name it, I have been trying it.

The reasons behind this new-found hobby are varied. One, I have never really cooked all that much and feel that it is time that changes. Two, as stereotypical as it sounds, I will be married soon (ish) and want to be that image of a domesticated wife and mother (to an extent). V’s mom is a fantastic and prolific cook. I would love to be famous for a certain dish or the go-to girl for delicious recipes. I do not, however, wish to be “domesticated” in every regard. V. is well aware that I don’t roll like that and that I expect him to share in every household responsibility equally with myself.

Back to the topic: I have been looking into buying a Kitchen Aid mixer when I move to Bulgaria. I assumed, wrongly of course, that I could either A) buy one here in the US and, with a converter, use it in BG. OR B) buy one in BG.

the mixer of my dreams

Well, option A is out. I read that converting the voltage doesn’t work with high-power appliances (including my beloved CHI straightening iron *tear*) and trying it will only result in blowing up the item. Option B is the only way to go, sort of. I have found that I can purchase one  in the US online from any of a few different websites specializing in 220 v. appliances (,, etc) and then, somehow, smuggle it into BG in my luggage. Why exactly I have to smuggle it I am still trying to figure out. Does Bulgarian Customs really care if I bring in a food mixer? I might also be able to buy one online once I get to Bulgaria and have it shipped over.

The problem? The cheapest I can find a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer (nothing fancy, just the base model) in 220 v. is for $600!

REALLY? $600?!

Update: I think I found one on sale for $305! Hmm. Almost $300 off, how could I not buy it? 😉

4 thoughts on “220 Volts: Oh How You Irk Me

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  2. I have always dreamed of owning my own Kitchen Aid. That’s going to be my first purchase, after of course I buy a house!!!

  3. or c) you could opt out of Bulgaria

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