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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

A visit from my boy

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V. and I will be back together in less than 3 days! He has spent the last 4 months working in Alaska. I would have loved to be with him. It was where we met and fell in love. But now he’s almost done and will be landing in Salt Lake City bright and early this Friday.

Being the ultimate planner, I have our short 9 days together as scheduled as can be. We plan on spending the weekend in SLC visiting my friends and family as well as shopping. Monday we leave for my grandparent’s house in Nevada. The drive will take us through Southern Utah, into a tiny bit of Arizona, and finally into NV. We’ll spend a day and a half with my g-parents. Tuesday afternoon we’ll head into Las Vegas.

I’ve been to Vegas. A lot. More than is necessary. However, I am really excited to get to experience it with V. He’s never been, so it should be fun. We have a room booked at New York New York. We’re cheap and can’t afford a show or extremely fancy dinner, so we’re planning on just walking around and taking in the sights.

On Wednesday we leave for the Grand Canyon. We’ll stop for a quick look-around/photo-op at the Hoover Dam (again, I’ve been a few times already, but V. will probably be really impressed-I was the first time I saw it!). After that, it’s on into Arizona. I heard about some cool caverns (Grand Canyon Caverns) off of the old Route 66, maybe we’ll make a detour there.

We are camping in the Grand Canyon and won’t arrive until late that night. It’ll be an interesting experience as neither of us has camped much. Also, setting up a tent in the dark will be fun, I am sure!

Thursday we will spend the day in the park. Don’t have much planned other than a couple hikes and the Visitor Center. Coming from Utah (the land of National Parks) and having worked in Denali National Park , I hope the Grand Canyon lives up to the hype, I am a little biased!

Friday we’ll head back to Utah.

V. leaves Sunday morning. It’s a short visit. Not so happy about that!

I wonder how much of all of the above will actually go according to plan! Probably not much. But I’m fine with that. I will just be happy to be with V. before he has to go back to Bulgaria. It’ll be another 8 months (or more!) before we are together again, so those 9 days are important.

Will write again soon!



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