Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

The Proposal


Big news!

I am officially the fiance of the sweetest man on earth!

My beautiful engagement ring

On Sunday, September 18th, during a dinner with my entire family, Ventsislav got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.

My tech-savvy  cousin immediately had her camera out at the first sign something was up and she got the entire thing on video (thanks Lindsay!).

My mom, aunts, and grandma were all crying.

I was in shock.

My 4-year-old cousin, Annie, wanted to know if V. and I would come and watch her ride her bike.

I had an idea that V. would propose while visiting me this time (we did discuss the ring), but I never imagined he would do it in front of my family (how brave of him!) or that his speech would be so cute.

I am thrilled to be engaged and I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams. Cheesy but true.

And, even though she doesn’t/can’t read this, I must apologize to my future Mother-in-Law. Who V. tells me is angry because I didn’t fly back to Bulgaria with him.  Sorry M.! Soon, I promise.

♥ W.


6 thoughts on “The Proposal

  1. Whitney, question – was V ok about getting a ring? My husband has never understand the need for a ring…….. We will be married 4 years now, but I still drive him crazy with the no ring…..

    • Um. He never said anything about it, so I guess he was! We picked out my engagement ring together and will do the same for my wedding band. Are wedding rings not something Bulgarians do? Vince has been shopping around for his own ring for when we get married, so I assume at least some Bulgarians wear them. Good question, though. I will have to ask him!

  2. Hey Whit! Guess I’ll have to follow your blog to find out all of the really good stuff! You didn’t tell me that Vince’s mom was mad that you didn’t fly back! I liked your review of the “keen” campsite at the Grand Canyon… JK Love your blog! Mommy

    • Mom,

      Yeah, I guess you do! 😉

      Vince said she isn’t really mad, she was just kidding. But I don’t know for sure. She asked again about it today. Apparently she is ready for another daughter-in-law!

      And what’s wrong with “keen?” It’s spelled right and used in the right context, is it not?

      Love you!

  3. Yaayyyy!!!!! I’m so excited for you two. Being married is so much fun and I am glad you found someone that makes you happy! Love you lots!

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