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2010-Travels with Ventsi


Thought I’d finally put up a some info. and pics of V’s visits to Utah this summer.

When he visited in May we didn’t do a whole lot.

He did muster up the courage, however, to meet most of the members of my family. Which was a major feat!

We did go out to the Great Salt Lake, went to a movie, lunch with friends from Alaska, drove up to Park City, drove around the University of Utah, and just generally relaxed with each other.

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake

Great Salt Lake 2

Handsome man!

View of Salt Lake City

His visit in September was a quite a bit more eventful.

Other than the most major event (getting engaged!), V. met my dad, we went to the zoo, golfing, and we took a trip to Nevada and Arizona.

V. and A. at the zoo

V. Golfing

First we drove to Logandale, Nevada to visit my grandparents. We only spent one night, but it was definitely enough for V. to get a taste of Ken and Gladys! To his credit he took it in stride and actually really loved them (I adore my grandparents, they are just a little high-strung!).

Nevada Desert

Next we drove to Las Vegas. We stayed in a suite at New York New York, which was extremely nice and had a great view of The Strip. I had a whole list of things to do and see in Vegas, but we just ended up relaxing for the most part. We did walk over to The Paris and go up to the top of the “Eiffel Tower.” It  was V’s idea and I am SO glad I let him talk me into it. It’s over 40 stories high and offers great views of The Strip, especially at night (when we went up). We also got a great view of The Bellagio fountain show below. We had dinner at a pretty good buffet at The Paris and then headed across the street to watch the fountains a few more times. That’s about all we did! Maybe it was because we both know we will be back again someday, probably many times, but we didn’t have any desire to see much else.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The Strip

The Strip from the top of the "Eiffel Tower"

The next morning we slept in until check-out time then headed off to Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

We stopped briefly at the Hoover Dam. I am a nerd, so I enjoy that sort of thing. V. was pretty impressed as well. Since I was there last there have been a lot of changes. Not only is the new HUGE bridge almost done (which will alleviate the long lines to cross the border), but they also have a new Visitor Center and bathrooms. It’s much nicer than it used to be! The water in Lake Mead is the lowest that I have ever seen it. It was scary low.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam

After Hoover Dam we got back on the road and drove straight to the Grand Canyon. I had wanted to take a detour to check out some of the old Route 66 and the Grand Canyon Caverns but I am glad that we didn’t as it would have added a few hours to our drive and it was nice getting to the campground early and being able to set up our tent and get dinner started before it got dark.

We spent the next day hiking the South Kaibob Trail. Well. I made it about 1 mile down, V. went all the way to Skeleton Point- 3 miles down. I could have made it all the way down to the river, it was the prospect of the hike back up that made me stop and wait for Vince to go down and come back up. I made a vow right then and there to get into better shape so that one day V. and I can do the full South Kaibob/Bright Angel trail loop. It’s over 20 miles roundtrip and very strenuous.

We rode the shuttle buses to some of the more popular overlooks and the spent the evening at our campsite.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon-South Rim (crooked photo!)

Grand Canyon 2


The drive home to Utah the following day was long. Arizona seemed to be the never-ending state!

We finally made it home spent the next two nights recovering before V. had to fly home to BG.


Finally home!

It was a great but short few days.

I am more than ready for this to be the last stretch of time apart from Ventsislav. I used to be a tad apprehensive about the thought of moving overseas to Bulgaria, but now I am ready and can’t wait for the day that I step off the plane in Sofia and begin my new life with my husband.



3 thoughts on “2010-Travels with Ventsi

  1. Your pictures are cute. 🙂 It looks like you had a ton of fun! You and V. look cute together. 🙂

  2. The pic of you guys at the Grand Canyon looks fake! It looks like one of those pictures you take in a photo booth with a fake background so it looks like you went someplace you actually didn’t! Looks like you had a blast.

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