Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Malka Moma


I came across this video on YouTube a few years ago.

I watch/listen to it often, and it never fails to give me the chills and bring tears to my eyes. 

The translations I can find online vary, but for the most part they agree that the lyrics are:

A young girl prays to god:

Give me please the eyes of a dove

Give me please the eyes of a dove

Give me please the wings of a falcon

Give me please the wings of a falcon

So I can fly over the River Duna

So I can fly over the River Duna

And I can find a love for me


god gave her wings of a falcon.

And she found a boy that she loves.

And she found a boy that she loves.

Nellie Andreeva has such an amazing voice. There are a few more of her songs on YouTube if you want to see more.

The more I hear traditional Bulgarian folk music, the more I realize just how beautiful the language truly is.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


5 thoughts on “Malka Moma

  1. The absence of instruments leaves the divine voices untainted, creating a magic and a mistery that I never found elsewhere. It’s like an orchestra but much warmer and direct in communicating feelings and emotions. This just deserves more international recognition. It catched me to such an extent that I am planning to travel to Bulgaria to listen to a live performance, as well as to discover this stunning country. Any info would be useful, thanks.

  2. Great song, isnt it. I have been listening to Neli and Abagar Quartet in general for a few weeks now. Outstanding piece of music!

    I see that you are now in Sofia. Do you happen to know whether the Filip Kutev orchestra perform regularly? I am in UK at the moment and was wondering whether there are yearly Danube Music festivals.

  3. I agree with the mystery of these Bulgarian voices, there is something sweetly divine in the harmonies that lifts my soul. I listen to this one song often, whenever I need inspiration.

  4. it’s amaizing when you hear it live

    • I bet! I would love to see Nellie Andreeva live, specifically. I truly cannot get over how amazing her voice is. She’s actually from a village in the Rhodopes right near where my fiance is from. I love World Music in general, but there is just something about Bulgarian folk music.

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