Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)



Yesterday, while wandering around (people watching) at the Festival of Trees with my aunt and cousin, I realized something: I enjoy eavesdropping.

It was a complete madhouse so I highly doubt anyone noticed my obvious attempts to listen to their conversations and check out their appearance.

I got to hear how Chase was doing in Argentina. How McCall and her boyfriend were getting along (Grandma doesn’t really care for him). That one mother was going to rent the bubble machine for her kids’ birthday.

I think I have always had a somewhat voyeuristic personality. I remember my Grandma giving me a cordless phone way back in the day when they were new and had a foot-long extendable antenna coming out the top.

After plugging it in I soon realized that I could listen to various neighbors’ phone calls. I am pretty sure I told a neighbor girl about her surprise birthday party. Whoops.

Well, eventually my mom found out about my late-night spying and took the phone away.

In the years since I have used a police scanner, walkie talkies, and even my handy-dandy Talk Girl recorder to listen in on others.

I was a kid, I promise! I haven’t done it in years!

Anyhow, back to the point of my story. While I was sitting there completely engrossed in another tale of a scandalous so-and-so, it suddenly occurred to me that I won’t be able to eavesdrop in Bulgaria.

Sure I can still people watch (which can be pretty amazing there, trust me) but I can’t practice my acquired skill of looking totally involved in my own task whilst really listening to every detail of their conversation.

I know, I know. I can learn Bulgarian. But it’ll take me years before I know enough to really know what is going on.

I have taken it for granted all these years. Never did I imagine that I would have to learn a different language to keep up on my hobby (Kidding. It’s more of a past time than a hobby).

Oh well, guess it’s just another incentive to learn Bulgarian sooner rather than later.








3 thoughts on “Eavesdropping

  1. Don’t worry- you can still eavesdrop in Bulgaria. You will find yourself picking out the words that you know from people’s conversations and then putting together in your head what they may be talking about. I do this especially when we’re with friends and family and then I don’t feel so left out. And it’s always exciting to me when we’re out somewhere and I suddenly hear English being spoken. It’s such a pleasant surprise!

    • Good to know, Lauren! As weird as it sounds, I was genuinely sad thinking about it. I also remember being surprised and happy hearing people speak English. I remember being in a restaurant in Smolyan and there was a table of British people. They seemed surprised to hear me speaking English too!

  2. I love eavesdropping. I have this awful habit of doing it, which can make it very hard to do homework in busy foyers and school and things like that. But I sure do enjoy myself. 🙂

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