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Bulgaria makes Lonely Planet’s list of the top 10 countries for 2011!


Lonely Planet has named Bulgaria on of the top countries of 2011.

How awesome is that?!

I really couldn’t agree with them more.

I am glad to see that BG is getting some well-deserved recognition in the travel and tourism industry.

Of course the requisite ski resorts and Black Sea coast are given as reasons to visit the country.  But there is so much more that Bulgaria has to offer in the way of generous and kind people, thousands of years of history, delicious food and drinks, and handsome men (although I may be a bit biased).

I have a B.S. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism. I have made tourism and the hospitality industry my career path.  It’s great to see a country I love and will be living in promoted in such a well-known industry publication.

I don’t know where my career  will lead in Bulgaria, but I would be more than happy to be there to see and help this nation emerge as one of Europe’s most unique and popular destinations.

To all my friends and family… You are  welcome to come and visit Vince and I anytime (once I move there, of course!).

I promise you won’t regret it.





4 thoughts on “Bulgaria makes Lonely Planet’s list of the top 10 countries for 2011!

  1. Whitney, what an interesting blog, I’m so happy I stumbled on it! My mom and dad are both from BG so it’s fun to read your posts. I can’t believe lonely planet is recommending BG, it’s about time! Though I have to admit, having been forced to go for summer vacations when I was little, it did take some time for my interest to grow.
    So when do you hope to make it to BG? Where does your fiancé live? My mom is from the north, near Lom, and my dad is from central BG, near Pernik. Do you get to visit much? It must be hard being away from your fiancé, I hope you can see each other soon!
    Please keep in touch, and I’ll be sure to check back on your posts. Happy new year!

    • Thanks, Donna! My fiance, Ventsislav (Vince), and I will be getting married sometime this fall. Once I get my visa approved through the consulate in Los Angeles, I will be on my way to BG! Vince lives in Smolyan, but we will probably end up living in Sofia or Plovdiv as there isn’t much work available in Smolyan. I have only visited once for about a month. It was January, so VERY cold and snowy in southern BG, but I loved it.

      Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing from you again!


  2. I read that too and I thought. Hmmm, that could be an interesting place to explore. A friend of mine who lived there before has told me how beautiful and exciting Bulgaria is, so this just comes to prove it. Hope to go there one day, soon

    Thanks for the post

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