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Christmas Crafts


Well, my lofty goal of making all my Christmas gifts this year didn’t go quite as planned.

I got caught up in making a massive amount of these instead:

Dishcloth galore!

I haven’t knitted in a couple of years, so it felt nice to get back into it. The pattern for these is called “Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth,” and I got it from Ravelry, although it can be found all over the web as it’s probably the most popular dishcloth pattern.

I did give some away as gifts, but I still have tons leftover and lots of yarn to make more. Anybody want to put in an order? 😉

And now that I am in the knitting mood, I have a few things I’d like to make and have bought the yarn for one special project in particular… More on that in a future post.

In addition to the dish cloths, I also made a necklace for my friend E. (hope she doesn’t read this as I am a slacker and haven’t shipped it to her yet!):

Necklace for E.

She loves pearls, so I knotted some freshwater pearls, quartz crystal and silver spacers on silk cord. It was my first silk knotting project, and I think it turned out really well so I am excited to make more.

Hopefully I can take some better pictures when my new camera arrives, some of these didn’t turn out so well.

And finally…

For my office, I made some snowflake decorations:

Paper snowflake

Keaton posing with my handiwork

I didn’t get around to making a few things that I had originally planned to, but I’m pretty happy I finished anything!

I just love crafting! Can ya tell?


And just because I think it’s pretty, one more pic of the dish cloths:


4 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts

  1. Ooo I liked this post.. good pic on the bottom with all the different ones stacked up! The necklace is gorgeous.. good work buddy. and the olive-y green yarn you used for the cloth on the bottom row- second to left- thats a way cute color.

    • Thanks! It’s about time I got around to posting the stuff, right? What colors are your new kitchen? I bought TONS of yarn, so I could make you some dishcloths if you’d like!

      • Hey i just saw ur reply! So our kitchen.. is really quite voi of any color! it’s all white countertops, with light oak-ish cabnitry.. pretty neutral if your still crafting inclined 😉 no pressure.

      • Not doing much knitting at the moment, but I’m sure in the next few weeks I’ll get back into it. So, expect some dishcloths to come your way soon. I also have something else that I have been meaning to give you. Can you email me your new address? I think I might have it on my Facebook, but just in case can you send it again? Thanks!

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