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Wedding Plans, Or a Lack Thereof


On Saturday, my friend A. and I attended the Bridal Showcase at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City.

At first I was a little put off by the aggressive vendors, but then I got into it and started approaching them. I bypassed most of the wedding dress stalls (the dress is the last item on my list of priorities, I honestly could get married in a sundress and be completely happy about it). Instead, I gravitated to the photography, catering, and reception site booths.

Attending the event really left me stressed about my own wedding plans and made me realize V. and I need to decide what we want to do and fast.

If V. and I end up getting married in Utah, I would love to have our ceremony and reception at Cactus and Tropicals. It’s beautiful, unique, requires little additional decoration, and best of all, they allow my to pick the caterer.

I hesitate to write all this because our plans are a bit shaky at the moment. Because V. and I are such an unconventional couple, our wedding will be unconventional as well. There is no way around it.

Here are just some of the reasons why making any wedding plans freaks me out:

  • At $1,200+ a pop, plane tickets from BG to SLC are just too expensive for his family and friends, so we don’t think any of them will be able to attend. No best man. No groomsmen. Ugh. It sucks!
  • I refuse to burden my mother with wedding costs at the expense of her not being able to afford to travel to BG to meet V’s family and see his country. Unfortunately, my dad cannot be depended on to pitch in. It is more important to me that she is able to spend time in Bulgaria getting to know my in-laws.
  • If V. and I paid for everything ourselves (whether it’s a wedding in Utah or Bulgaria), we wouldn’t have much left to spend on my moving expenses, immigration costs (which are thousands of dollars), and for an apartment should we have to move to Plovdiv or Sofia for work.
  • I have never been big on being the center of attention. I may be loud and funny, but when it comes down to it, I am a pretty shy girl.
  • Lastly, when I really think about it, an elopement or very small wedding sounds quite appealing.

People keep asking me if I would regret my decision to elope 10 years from now if V. and I did go that route. I truly feel that I would not regret it. In an ideal world, my parents (or V. and I) would have plenty of money to spend on a wedding, plenty of time, and plenty of support. But as it stands, we have to deal with the circumstances at hand. And what it boils down to is this: I love Vince more than anything in this world. I want to be his wife. And ultimately, having a big production of a wedding does not make or break how devoted we are to each other, how bright our future is, or how awesome it is to be in a multi-cultural/ inter-faith marriage.

Can you tell I am thinking out loud? Maybe doing a little bit of justifying? I don’t know who I think I need to prove things to. Probably myself. Because really, what girl doesn’t dream of a big, fancy, production wedding?

Whatever Vince and I decide, I hope that my friends and family will be supportive and know that we love them and want them to be a part our wedding and our lives.

Decisions. Decisions.

( I better make some soon!)








6 thoughts on “Wedding Plans, Or a Lack Thereof

  1. My vote is for Cactus and Tropicals! I know that you will probably end up getting married in Alaska. I just hope you give me enough notice that I can purchase my plane ticket and be there for you.

  2. Yeah, I guess funky roadblocks are unavoidable with families around the globe. Good luck finding what will be the best for you and V.! Love you! 🙂

  3. Every single day I wish that Bryan and I would just elope…lol. And actually, if it weren’t for all the people that will give us stuff at a reception (because we have like nothing) I would totally do it. I vote elope even though I’d love to be there at your wedding, I still vote elope. *chuckles*

  4. There are lots of decisions when it comes to weddings. My best advice to you is to do what makes you and V happy. You two are the only ones who are really going to remember your wedding, so you want it to be special for the both of you, not special for everyone else. If you want cheap, have it at a ward house (ha ha, totally kidding! I hate that so bad!)! What about someone who has a really nice backyard for a cheaper wedding? If you elope, I hope I can make it!

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