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Cat Bites and Kidney Stones


Where oh where should I start?

From the beginning I suppose…

On Friday night I was at a friend’s house. We had gone with her mom to a local furniture store to buy a treadmill. A. and I managed to get the 200+ lb. box out of their SUV, into the house, and down a flight of stairs (I’m quite proud of us, actually!). We were sitting on the floor opening the treadmill box when A’s cat decided to investigate. A. rubbed some of the packaging together and her cat sort of rushed us. We started laughing and she did it again. Then BAM! Her cat attacked me out of no where. I mean full on lost his mind, sunk his teeth into my arm (then the back of the thigh). I had cat spit all over my arm. I could see a good 1/2” into my arm from one of the puncture wounds. A. started screaming for her mom to get the spray bottle and eventually her cat ran away. We immediately poured hydrogen peroxide on my wounds and covered them with Neosporine and band-aids.

They looked pretty awful and I was immediately bruised and swollen, but I didn’t think I needed to go to the hospital (bad move as it turns out). I spent the night at A’s house, where she was an excellent nurse maid (thanks A.!).

The next day I continued to clean out the wounds. The swelling had increased and the bite on the back of my thigh was surrounded by a huge purple bruise. I went to dinner with my family that night. My aunt kept insisting that my bites looked infected (it was pretty obvious at this point as my arm was extremely hot, swollen, and red) and that I should go to the Emergency Room.

I decided that I would wait one more night and see how things looked on Sunday morning. Well, not to get too graphic, but Sunday morning rolled around and things had gotten worse. There was some puss involved (ew, I know). I texted A. and she said she’d go with me to the Urgent Care.

We actually had a lot of fun waiting to be seen. We are people watchers, so we had a good time. The Dr. came in and immediately said I needed an IV line and antibiotics. He  put some Sharpie dots around the red, infected area and took some pictures. He seemed fairly concerned, so while A. and I were laughing it off, I was a little worried. They left the IV line in and wrapped up my arm. I got a prescription for more antibiotics and was told to come back Monday (and possibly into the week) for more antibiotics.

My cat bite. This pic does not do any justice! It was may more red in person

My wounds looked a little better when I went in on Monday, but they left the IV in and told me to come back in to follow-up.

My IV is out now, but I’m still on some pretty hardcore antibiotics and my arm is still a little gross and oozy. Oh, and I almost forgot. They gave me an arm sling and said not do any work/physical activity for at least the next 3 days. I guess using my arm could cause the infection to spread. The sling sucks and has taken some getting used to, but I do think it’s helping me heal faster.

After all that I thought I was on the mend. Well… I guess when it rains it pours.

Monday night around 10:oo pm I started getting excruciating lower back pains. I tried every possible position to get comfortable and nothing helped. When the pain started spreading around my side to my abdomen, I couldn’t take it anymore and starting throwing up. It lasted for about 2 hours and I still can’t believe I didn’t go to the Emergency Room. At about midnight the pain lessened somewhat and I was able to fall asleep. Around 4:00 am Tuesday morning the pain was back and I started throwing up again. I decided that I’d had enough and I called my mom to come and take me to the E.R.

I got in quickly and did a urine sample, changed into a gown and got into bed. From there we waited. Eventually the Dr. came in and asked me about the pain. He said I probably had kidney stones but that he wanted me to get a CT scan to confirm. So off they wheeled me to the CT scanner.

Again, we waited and waited, and finally the Dr. came back and said that I did have a stone that was almost to my bladder and just needed to be passed (sorry if this is TMI). I got some pain meds, a specimen cup and strainers (to strain my urine for the stone) and off we went.

I got home and immediately crashed. I slept for about 6 hours. After such a hellish, painful night; it was glorious.

Late Tuesday the stone arrived. I can’t believe how such a tiny little thing could cause so much pain. I put it in the specimen cup they gave me and will take it to a Urologist as soon as they can see me.

(Sorry to be so graphic. I promise it’s not as gross as it sounds.)

The Dr said that it could be the only one I ever get or it could be the first of dozens. Great.

I’m still in a fair amount of pain and am quite nauseous most of the time. Maybe not all from the stone but just the combination of antibiotics, pain killers, infection and just the shock to my system from all this crap.

A cat bite and kidney stone? All within a few days? It’s just my luck.

I feel like I could sleep for the next week.

Luckily, I have some sick and personal time at work that I can use up. So I’m not going back in until Monday. I need some rest.

Wish me luck!

Talk to ya’ll soon.



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