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Apparently, when I feel sorry for myself…


…I shop.

I’ve pretty much been in bed since Monday (refer to my previous post to find out why).

But yesterday I couldn’t stand it anymore and I had to get outside.

I took a quick trip to Pictureline to look for a camera bag. Bad idea. In less than 10 minutes I spent $220. I just couldn’t help myself! Oh, and I didn’t even get a camera bag. The salesman was extremely helpful and nice, he even complimented my engagement ring.

I bought this little baby:


Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens



I also picked up a filter for it and for my 18-200mm lens (I feel better now that the glass is somewhat protected).

It was an expensive 10 minutes.

Anyway, I got home and went to put the filters on my lenses. The 52mm fit my new lens just fine, but I must have been high (or just sick to my stomach and in a rush to get home, more likely) and bought the wrong size for my 18-200mm lens.

I had already cut the stickers on the sides of the filter packaging when I realized it was the wrong size. I immediately looked up Pictureline’s return policy: NO returns/exchanges on opened merchandise. CRAP!

I called the store and told them what happened. The guy said it would be fine and to just bring it back today, which I did.

The clerk asked me if I had opened it, I admitted I had, but explained that I hadn’t taken it out. She was really nice about it and let me exchange it for the right size (thus saving me from spending $50 on something I couldn’t use). Weirdly, she also complimented my engagement ring (I am beginning to think they are trained to do that), while wearing a HUGE diamond herself. Hmmm.

Luckily, I got out of there without spending a dime more. I actually have a $10.00 store credit as the filter I needed was cheaper.

(I must stop and HIGHLY recommend Pictureline. They’ve been fantastic. I will definitely be going back.)

So after my shopping spree, I had the awesome job of telling V. what I had done. He was pretty cool about it, but I could tell he isn’t all that pleased with my spending habits. I have an awful feeling he is going to crack the whip when I move to BG!

The only reason why I had the money in the first place (or rather, will have the money) is because I did my taxes a few nights ago and I’m getting a refund. Yes, I spent some before I even got it. Eek.

I am happy to say, however, that with the rest of my refund I am paying off TWO credit cards! It feels fantastic to say that.

Isn’t all this riveting? Maybe I need to decide what is and isn’t post-worthy, but after spending nearly 5 days straight in bed, this is about as exciting as it gets!








5 thoughts on “Apparently, when I feel sorry for myself…

  1. That lense is fantastic! You will not regret. I don’t have it anymore and miss it dearly.

  2. Hey.. it was a hell of a week for ya, and your all kinds of responsible ALL the time, a little treat for yourself won’t be the end of the world!

  3. I was riveted. 🙂 And I do things like that too even without spending a week in bed…lol.

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