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Another nugget of wisdom from The Oatmeal

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I heart The Oatmeal.

I think the man behind it, Matthew Inman, is a genius. A hilarious genius.

I saw this one awhile ago, but A. sent me the link today and it only served to renew my love for Inman’s comics and everyday subject matter. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE when people confuse the words LOOSE and LOSE.

(Don’t even get me started on THEIR, THEY’RE and THERE).

Is my spelling and grammar perfect? HA! NO! Very far from it. But I do try to remember the difference between loose and lose!

Check out this comic, it’s awesome.

I will stop gushing about The Oatmeal now.

Thanks for your time.


One thought on “Another nugget of wisdom from The Oatmeal

  1. Ooh, I too have a hate for when people mis-use the wrong form of those words. To, too, and two is also nerve wracking for me! Open up a dictionary people!

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