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There’s a ruckus going on at Karolinka’s place


My favorite expat blogger, Karolinka (Carolyn), has quite the commotion going on on her blog.

Her post, Video: Sofia the History of Europe, has garnered a lot of attention and comments from people, including yours truly.

It’s a slighty critical  review of this YouTube video:

It has been very interesting (albeit frustrating) reading others’ comments. I love a good, constructive argument, but this one borders on the ridiculous.

I am trying to let it go, but I hold Carolyn’s blog and Bulgaria itself close to my heart, so I couldn’t help speaking my mind (which is not hard to believe if you know me at all!).

Anywho, the original post and the wrath of some of the comments that followed make for an interesting read.

Check it out.


2 thoughts on “There’s a ruckus going on at Karolinka’s place

  1. Ha, ha, ha. Thanks so much for the support and the comments. The posting about the video has gotten out of control. Luckily, my mom told me a long time ago to pick my battles and I don’t think that this is one of those that I am so likely to win. In a very broad and far too sweeping statement–Bulgarians can be very Bulgarian sometimes and I am afraid this is one of those times. Don’t worry though–I will not be following the advice/demands of some of my readers and moving anytime soon. Come and visit us soon in Bulgaria! Carolyn

    • Carolyn,

      Good to hear you aren’t packing up your bags and booking a flight out of BG! I need to follow your mom’s advice and learn to pick my battles. I struggle with that sometimes. I am easily riled!

      Hope things blow over soon!

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