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Bulgarian Fat Police


I recently came across the most hilarious website:

I was literally laughing out loud looking at some of the photos.

Then…. This one popped up.



A couple of observations:

  • Notice the “loose” bit. Ugh. You all know I hate that.
  • Angela’s handwriting looks “Bulgarian.”  Does that make sense? It  looks very similar to my bf’s handwriting when he writes in English. The shape of some of the letters are very distinctive.
  • Of course she gained 35 pounds when she moved to America. Typical.
  • Angela obviously means well and clearly thinks she is being helpful. She even left her phone number. Was she hoping they would call her for more nuggets of wisdom?


This note makes me a little nervous. I am a little on the chunky side and I’m fairly tall (at least I was taller than most of the women I saw when I visited BG). I wonder if I will receive some of the same unsolicited advice!



5 thoughts on “Bulgarian Fat Police

  1. I’m so sorry! I never meant to offend but when I read my comment it sound a little bit offensive maybe… I just wanted to tell you the truth about what Bulgarians think. It would be nice to say – oh, Bulgarians have no problem with fat people but this is not true. I just can often hear conversations about ugly fat people in America and the UK. Yesterday I overheard a conversation in the bus between some 20-year-old boys who said that fat girls should be given less rights. Well, they are stupid boys and I definitely didn’t like what they said. I’m sure there are such conversations between men in the US as well but I don’t think you should care about such things. I myself don’t mind chunky people at all and don’t care in the least if someone is a little bit overweight. Many people are the same like me so you should care what some random people you dont even know say. And most probably you will never even know what they said. I think all you need is a good self esteem and then everybody will respect you. And you have a man who wants to spend his life with you – why would you care if there are some 20-year-old boys who would never ask you out? I myself have always been slim but many (including my parents) say I’m too white. It’s because I don’t usually tan a lot in summer and when I wear shorts or short dresses I show my white legs. Many people think girls shoud wear shorts only if their legs are tanned. I know there are many people who would say I’m as white as milk (actually in Bulgaria they say as white as sirene) but hell, do I really care about them now? I used to when I was 15 or 16, I didn’t even wear shorts then but now I’m a grown-up and this doesn’t really affect me. I don’t want to go to solar studios to tan, I don’t want to burn my skin in order to fit some stupid beauty standard. And there are enough boys and girls who like me despite my white legs.
    I think you will lose some weight when you come here. I don’t think you should care about what people think, you should only care about how you feel. If you feel better with less kilograms it means it’s good for you to lose weight. If you don’t, then you only need to be more confident and not to care what other people think no matter where you are. People are not so different here and there after all.
    And there’s no problem in not looking Bulgarian.. red hair is rare here so this means you can feel special. Bulgarians definitely don’t mind red hair and I don’t think freckles are a problem for anyone. When I was a child I envied a girl with freckles, I wanted to have them too 🙂 Sure, there are people who don’t like them but it’s the same everywhere. I think it’s OK if you are a bit different, then you’ll feel you can stand out easily and get more attention 🙂
    And Bulgarians definitely don’t use feet to measure their height, we use the metric system so if you want any Bulgarian to know you mean without using a converter, use cm and kg 😉

  2. Hi! I see you want comments 🙂 I hope I will be answered.
    I don’t think you’ll receive some of the same unsolicited advice or at least it won’t be so bothereing, trust me. There are many chunky people in Bulgaria as well. But to be honest Bulgarian people don’t really like fat people and are proud that they are not as fat as Americans. When they talk about America they usually mention how fat people there are and think of this as a big disadvantage of the US. To be honest I think they are right. Being fat is not healthy and it’s good that most young Bulgarians are still slim. But there’s this awful tendency for children to get fatter and fatter and Bulgarians usually comment that we are becoming like Americans.
    But I don’t think you are really that fat and I don’t think you have something to worry about. There might be some people who will discuss how fat Americans are but I don’t think you will ever hear this kind of conversation. So nothing to worry about. You can only worry about your health if you become overweight.

    • oh, I forgot… Why do you worry about being tall? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Well, there are men who don’t like tall women and there are men who don’t like short women but it’s the same everywhere in the world. And it really doesn’t matter to you as you will be married.

      • I didn’t actually mean that I “worry” about being tall. I am only about 5’7″. What I meant was that, from my brief visit to BG, I noticed that I tended to be taller than most of the other girls I saw.

    • Rumi,

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Your comment is the first I have encountered where I wasn’t too sure I wanted to approve it (mostly because I feel like I am drawing attention to my “chunkiness” at this point). And really, my weight is not a “huge” issue (get the pun?).

      Obesity is a problem in America, but it disheartens me when you say that “Bulgarian people don’t really like fat people and are proud that they are not as fat as Americans.” Sad.

      Honestly, no matter how thin I get, I will NEVER look “Bulgarian.” I have red hair, freckles and very white skin (and am PROUD of it!). I fit right in in the UK, but not so much in Eastern Europe! I was stared at a bit when I visited BG, but it didn’t seem to be in a rude way. I just stand out, plain and simple.

      And, um… Thanks for saying that I am not really “that fat.” I’ll take it as a compliment (to keep from crying).



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