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Awesome Blog Find


I thought I was the only person that did this:

Mykonos, Greece (Please overlook my chubby Jimmy Dean Sausage Toes. Ventsi sure has cute feet though!).


But I found this AMAZING blog today that proves otherwise.

The ground beneath my feet is probably the most creative and fun blog I have come across in ages.

It’s a creative travelogue meets photoblog, and I can’t get enough!

I, like the blogger (who I think is from Sofia), have a thing for taking pics of my feet wherever they happen to be traveling. Unlike the blogger (I couldn’t find her name), I do not own such a cute and diverse collection of shoes!

I wanted to post a few of my favorite photos from the blog, but I don’t really know how she’d feel about that, so I will just link to a few of my faves:

  • I LOVE her theory (in  Tough Love–Sofia, Bulgaria) on the relationship between the state of a locales sidewalks/streets to the general happiness of its inhabitants.
  • This set of pics really makes me wish I had taken some “feet” photos while I was in India. I was in Calcutta, however, and the streets/sidewalks tended to have raw sewage and dead rats (no joke–see below) covering them rather than beautiful chalk art.
  • Again, sure wish I had takes some photos like this one while I was in Barcelona.

I could go on and on.

I think I found my new blog-obsession (blogsession?).

PLEASE go check it out. It’ll make your day. I promise!



2 thoughts on “Awesome Blog Find

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  2. This is so cool Whit, what a unique idea!! Especially the Barcelona one… Wish we had had more time there… And it’s where I first met Vince!

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