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Recent Craftiness: Paper and Vinyl Wallet


As much as I’d like to make this a detailed post (maybe even a tutorial), I just don’t have it in me at 1:10 am!

But, I wanted to get these (rather poor-I apologize) pics up or I knew I’d never get around to it.

My friend A. and I have wanted to make these “long wallets” for ages and we finally got around to it this weekend. Man, are they HARD! The idea of using paper and vinyl sounded easy enough. Sewing the two together in a straight line, however, turned out to be a nightmare (don’t even get me started on putting the snaps on!).

This is my first one and I think it turned out ok. I love the houndstooth.






We got the idea from Etsy seller, Dear Sukie and her segment on Martha Stewart.

To be honest, the video, written instructions and supply list are pretty useless (maybe so people can’t duplicate the exact design and sell their own?). They don’t show even the most basic steps.

A. and I just learned from our mistakes and tweaked the design to fit what we wanted.

We have lots more paper and vinyl and we plan on making a few more, including some passport holders and other wallet styles. Hopefully our sewing skills improve with more practice!

I might put up a more detailed tutorial in the next few days for anyone that is interested ( if I find the time and motivation, that is).



2 thoughts on “Recent Craftiness: Paper and Vinyl Wallet

  1. I brought mine to show off today, but I can’t wait until we finish our second ones for more of a perfection!

    I love arts and craft time with Whitney!! What am I going to do without you?

    • Our second ones turned out pretty good, don’t ya think?

      I love arts and crafts time with you too! What are you going to do without me? Good question… what am I going to do without you?

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