Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

I’m in Alaska!


I thought I’d take advantage of the blazing fast (by Alaska standards) wi-fi speeds here at the hotel and write a post/upload some photos.

My flight from Salt Lake City (via Seattle) landed in Fairbanks a couple of hours ago. I’ll be spending the night here. I have tomorrow morning and afternoon free before I have to catch the shuttle that takes us (employees) to Denali.

I’ve already met about 10 other people heading to Denali to work for Princess. Most of them are returning from last season. I definitely feel a little out-of-place. The last time I was here was in 2008. But I have to say that this time around is much more stress-free. I know what to expect. I know what my room will look like. I know where everything is. It’s just a huge relief.

Anywho, I am starving and need to go hit up the restaurant before I get into my pajamas and veg out in front of the TV for probably the last time this summer.

Here are some pics I took while wandering around the hotel:

You'd be surprised how few people follow this advice.

View from my hotel room

*These photos took FOREVER to upload. I went to dinner and chatted with a few people and came back to them still loading. Ugh. And this wi-fi is fairly fast! This does not bode well for my desire to blog and post photos often when I get to Denali (where the internet, if it is even up, is painfully slow). But I’ll still try!

Night all.



5 thoughts on “I’m in Alaska!

  1. i’m glad that your journy to bulgaria is going so well. how is your language learning comming along?

    • Thanks! I am still struggling to learn the language. I brought some materials up to Alaska with me so that I can study in my down time. Also, I think having my fiance here with me to practice with will be a huge help. I am SO looking forward to being in Bulgaria this fall.

  2. Wow, the memories are flooding back after just looking at those few pictures! Have a good summer!!

  3. Glad u made it in one piece buddy 🙂 that last pic’s pretty cool!

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