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Leninade, Snow and the Realization That I Packed Way TOO Much!


I made it to Healy (the city where I will be living for the next 4.5 months)!

About 15 miles before the city, it started to rain. That rain turned into a light snow. Which turned into a blizzard.


Apparently, I am the only one shocked by this. Everyone is telling me that it happens all the time this time of year. But still. It is boggling my mind (when I know full well it shouldn’t. This is Alaska after all!)

And guess who didn’t bring a coat? I didn’t end up using my coat last time, so I didn’t want to take up the space in my suitcase (as you can tell by the pictures below, I didn’t follow the same train of thought when I packed an entire drug stores worth of toiletries!).

I spent last night catching up with old friends and unpacking my suitcases. My room this year is great. I have a double bed, private bathroom, a desk, vanity area, working TV, ph0ne, and tons of storage space (thank goodness).

I am scheduled to start training in about an hour, so I better get going.

Oh! Before I go, to my family and friends… I have ZERO cell phone service in Healy. Zip. Zilch. Nada. And I am surprised the internet is even working. I am not holding my breath that will always be the case. SO, if you have been calling/texting me and I haven’t responded, well, now you know why. My phone will probably work in Denali, so I am going to wait until I can get down there to check before I get a new phone (aka, have my mom send me a new one).

Here are some pics to explain the post title:

Another employee bought this drink in Fairbanks. Had to get a pic. "Get Hammered and Sickled." Ha ha.

Snow in Healy. I'll be darned.

Yeah. I over packed. What's new.

My own personal Walgreens.


4 thoughts on “Leninade, Snow and the Realization That I Packed Way TOO Much!

  1. glad u made it there okay Whit 🙂

  2. Okay, so what’s the email you check normally? Last time I emailed you stuff it got lost in the hundreds of other unreads of your junk email.

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