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The People Over At Pepperidge Farm…


are tricksy little devils.

Ok. Ok. More like I fail to read packaging, but still.

Last night, I got the hankering for some Goldfish. I just so happened to have purchased some in Fairbanks to bring to Healy with me (most employees tend to have a stash of snacks in their rooms for when the food provided is less than stellar). I excitedly opened the bag and popped a handful into my eagerly awaiting mouth. When… to my absolute horror… I realized something was amiss:


Something about these fishies tasted fishy...


SALTINE GOLDFISH! Since when! I mean I know there are other cheesy type flavors. But saltine flavor? And why do they make the packaging so similar to the original (and most tasty) Goldfish? And yes, I fully realize that the word “saltine” is printed on the bag in no less than three places, but I was in a rush!

Even more shocking?

I love them. They may just be about as tasty as the original flavor. Shudder.

Life is just full of exciting experiences!



4 thoughts on “The People Over At Pepperidge Farm…

  1. Hey,wish you great time with your husband-to-be who is arriving tomorrow as far as I remember:).

    • Hi Elena! Yes, Vince arrived on Saturday. We are very happy to be back together! My blogging is suffering as a result! We are excited to start planning our wedding and move back to Bulgaria.

  2. Hi Whit,

    Even though you won’t be able to make it to Robyn’s shower do you still want an invite? If so, email me your address 🙂

  3. It’s like drinking milk when you expect water… pretty nasty.

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