Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Wonder Lake


A few weeks ago, Vince, my friend K. and I went out to Wonder Lake on our day off.

Wonder Lake is a beautiful (and highly photographed) part of Denali National Park.

It sits at about mile 85 on the Park Road.

While the weather wasn’t completely clear that day, we had an awesome time eating our lunch in a great spot overlooking the valley, traipsing through the tundra on our way to a kettle pond and, of course, stopping to pose for a few pictures.

Vince and I are hoping to get back out to the lake on a warmer day to take advantage of the free canoeing, and great hiking opportunities (more like hiking for Vince and reading/taking photos for me!).

Wonder Lake

Kettle ponds are awesome!


3 thoughts on “Wonder Lake

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  2. The second to last picture is my favorite by far!!

  3. Aunt Julie says “Vince is very handsome and Whitney is very photogenic and beautiful!!!”

    Oh, “and they look very happy together! Alaska looks breath-taking. Love you both!” 🙂

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