Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

3 Years


Yesterday, Vince and I celebrated 3 years together. It’s hard to believe it has already been that long!

If someone had told me 3 years ago that in 2011 I would be engaged to a Bulgarian (the sweetest guy in the world to be more exact), getting married to said Bulgarian and moving to Bulgaria, I would have laughed in their face!

It’s weird how life turns out sometimes.

Being back in Alaska, where we met, makes this anniversary even more special. Not to sound cheesy, but this is where the “magic all started,” and I there is no place I would rather be than right here with my awesome guy.

We had grand plans to go out for a fancy dinner, but Vince had to get up early this morning to head to his second job. I was a little bummed but he promised to take me out in the next few days.

But being the lucky girl that I am, my boss K. took pity on me and treated me to one of my most favorite things in the entire world: CRAB LEGS!


Alaskan King Crab



It was honestly one of the best meals I have ever had! We started with tempura fried shrimp with a mango dip, artichoke spinach dip and corn chowder. My crab legs were served with a super tasty butternut squash risotto. We finished up the meal (even though we were completely stuffed) with a brownie sundae.

If you are ever in the Denali/Healy area, I highly recommend eating at the Black Diamond Resort. They not only have a great restaurant, but also ATV and wagon rides (which I did in 2008) and tundra golfing (which I hope to try at some point this season).

After dinner I snapped a few pictures of the lovely Otto Lake area where Black Diamond is located. It was so pretty out that it almost looked fake.


Black Diamond tundra golf course



I brought some leftovers home for Vince (who was already asleep but gladly woke up to eat them).

All in all it was a great night! Of course I wish I could have spent it with Vince, but it was fun to have a girls’ night.

Happy Anniversary, Ventsi!

Here’s to many more to come!



3 thoughts on “3 Years

  1. Wish you all the best guys!

  2. Ahh that last one is so pretty!!

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