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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)



Let me begin by saying that today was AWESOME!

Our day-off mini-vacation started yesterday after work. Vince and I, along with 3 friends, traveled 2 hours south of Denali and spent the night at another Princess Lodge (Mt. McKinley Princess) located near Trapper Creek.

Moose sighting on our drive down to Talkeetna

Hiding in the massive Fireweeds!

We went to dinner and then to the employee kickball tournament (where Vince met a distant relative of his from Bulgaria-whose husband, Allan, was our fishing guide extraordinaire today. Small world!

We got an early start this morning and met Allan at his cabin. After loading up on homemade cappuccinos and banitsa, we headed off to Sunshine Creek for some salmon fishing.

Sunshine Creek

Long story short, I didn’t net a darn thing! Everyone else, including Vince, got some beautiful, big red salmon. After over 5 hours, hooking/wrestling with 5 and losing 3 lures (those suckers put up a fight!), it became apparent that it just wasn’t my day.  We packed up and headed into Talkeetna for some lunch and a look around.

Vince's first catch

Second red salmon of the day, he is so proud!

Talkeetna is a unique little town. It is the starting point for most climbers on Mt. McKinley and has an artsy, small-town vibe.

Talkeetna, Alaska. My shirt looks very odd in this photo!

We ate lunch at a colorful little pizza joint then took a walk down the main street out to the Susitna River. Afterwards, we did a little shopping-including buying Allan some replacement gear for the lures/spinners that we lost.

LOVED the cheerful tables and chairs

On the banks of the Susitna River

Girls-only photo!

It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day. The weather was clear and warm and I even got a little sunburn! The only thing that would have topped it off would have been for the mountain to have been visible (Talkeetna is a mere 40-miles from the base), but oh well!

We had such a good time that we are planning another trip for next week. I hope I am able to get the day off! I am determined to catch a salmon! Vince and I are even thinking of having whatever we catch smoked so we can take it home, which is good because I happen to love smoked salmon.

I am home now and should be in bed, but I had to get a post up before turning in. It was just such a great day and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone!

Salmon fishing in Alaska, another item down on my Alaskan bucket list!



3 thoughts on “Mini-vacation

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  2. It looks like a blast, wish I could have been there! I love that you are doing lots of fun things in AK this year.

  3. love that you had so much fun, looks like a fantastic trip!

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