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Otto Lake Salmon Cookout


What is the only thing better than catching a salmon? Well, cooking and eating it of course!

Last night a big group of us got together at Otto Lake and cooked the salmon Vince caught on our day off on Wednesday. It had only been refrigerated (not frozen), so it was basically as fresh as can be.

We had some experienced cooks in our midst, so we let them take over and they did a fantastic job. The salmon was covered in onions, dill, butter, and fresh lemon juice and wrapped in tin foil and placed over hot coals. I am not a huge fish fan, but it was the best salmon I had ever eaten. I feel spoiled now and will only want fresh fish from now on!

Otto Lake is about a  5 minute drive from where we live and it is a gorgeous spot. A semi-rainbow even appeared for a short time. We all agreed that we needed to get together again, maybe even next week after we go fishing again!

As the leaves start to change and the nights get darker, I am starting to realize how little time I have left here. It’s nights like these, spent in the company of great friends in a beautiful spot, that make me fall even more in love with Denali.

Some photos from the night:


Otto Lake

Otto Lake Salmon Cookout 2011

Prepping the salmon

Semi-rainbow over the lake

K. and I

Charlie Meets Carlo

Favorite photo of the night


2 thoughts on “Otto Lake Salmon Cookout

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  2. Love that orange shirt! Love Brian Wilson.

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