Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)


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  • Excited for my day off on Friday. Going salmon fishing again!
  • BEYOND excited for next week. Going to the Copper River Princess, visiting Valdez and on a Prince William Sound boat cruise (hoping to see some whales and calving glaciers!)
  • Trying to plan my September wedding (ceremony site is booked!)
  • Just set up an account on Pinterest-looks pinteresting… get it? 😉
  • Wanting to start a 365 Photo Challenge-but a I will wait until my first day in Bulgaria.
  • Catching up on the 800+ blog posts in my Google Reader
  • Wondering what this Google+ business is all about
  • Itching to get crafty
  • Trying to figure out how to get a FBI criminal background check up here in AK (for visa purposes)
  • Thinking about studying up on traffic laws before getting my AK drivers license
  • Reading East of the West: A Country In Stories (really good so far)
  • Listening to Florence and the Machine
  • Spending way too much time online. Obviously!

One thought on “…Lately…

  1. I’m Looooving Florence and the machine lately!!!

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