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Salmon Fishing: Take Two


I want to post every detail of today-yet another amazing day off- but, alas,  I am utterly and completely exhausted from the days activities and eager to get into my warm, comfy bed. This post will suffer as a result!

Our fishin’ gang from last week (sans Vince, who had to work today… Sad face!), went back out to Sunshine Creek. Today was MUCH more productive for me!

I hooked 11 salmon. Yeah. That’s right.It was incredible fishing today!

I threw back 4 small ones and lost a few. I ended up netting 1 Red salmon and 3 Silver salmon (shhh, that’s one over my limit! Don’t tell!).

This morning I was worried that today would be a repeat of last week. You know, me being the only one of us to not catch a single fish. Thankfully, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

It poured rain pretty much all morning and was a bit cold, but I couldn’t have cared less! I was ecstatic to catch one fish, let alone 8!

After we finished up for the day we took our fish into Talkeetna. I decided to have mine smoked, that way I can take some home to Utah and Vince can take some home to Bulgaria. They take about a week to smoke, which means another trip to Talkeetna to pick them up is on the agenda.

We ate lunch at a place called Twister Creek Restaurant, where I also enjoyed an Agave Gold beer by the Denali Brewing Co. It was pretty tasty. I have to say I have really enjoyed my past few days off (next week I am off to Copper River and Valdez, so the streak will likely continue!).

Now I am off to bed, probably to dream of wriggling, slimy salmon!

Thanks to K. and my other fishing buds for a great day. It will definitely live in my top Alaskan moments.

First Silver (that I kept)

Whackin' the fish

Red salmon!

Me, K. and H.

Another Silver

Reeling one in

Yet another Silver!

Well earned beverage at the end of the day


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