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Merry Christmas!



Alright, so this is a day late, but this girl is lazy busy and couldn’t post until now!

Yesterday, August 25th, was Christmas!

Well, Christmas in the National Parks, anyway!

Legend has it that around the turn of the century some travelers were stranded in Yellowstone National Park during a snowstorm, the date was August 24th. Making the best of the situation, the group decided to decorate the lodge and celebrate Christmas (it was snowing outside after all!) with carols, a big dinner, etc.

How true is said legend? No idea! But who cares?! It’s fun and oh-so-quirky!

The tradition continued and today many National Parks across the United States celebrate Christmas on August 25th.

The Denali Princess used to make a big deal of the day and would put up a big tree, decorate, play carols and employees would dress up. Today, however, the hotel has gotten too big (that’s the excuse I heard anyway) and not much is done to celebrate at the lodge itself.

Employees, on the other hand, do celebrate. Some departments do a Secret Santa gift exchange. We decorated our back office and the Food and Beverage staff made us a big Christmas dinner. Our employee housing staff decorated, held gingerbread house contests, played Christmas movies all week and played Christmas music in the lobby.

It’s definitely a much needed bit of frivolity this time of the season. The summer is winding down and most people, myself included, are starting to get homesick. Any distraction from work is welcomed!

Less than a month and I will be home in the SLC. Trying to soak in as much Denali-ness as I can before I leave.

Hope your August 25th was as cool as mine.



2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

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  2. That’s pretty sweet. I could adopt that holiday. 🙂

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