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Fall Colors in Denali National Park


 Last night my friend K. and I took a short drive into the park. The weather is getting colder every day and the leaves are beginning to brown and fall. I knew if I wanted to get some photos of the amazing autumn colors, I had to go soon.

The colors, although beginning to fade, are still beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen . It is amazing to me how the landscape can change so rapidly and so drastically in such a short amount of time. Denali is such a diverse and ever-changing place and I will be sad to leave it in just a few days. I may never get the chance to visit again, so each minute I get to spend in the park is precious. It is a truly special place.



12 thoughts on “Fall Colors in Denali National Park

  1. I leave May 5th for my 1st Denali summer experience. I am so EXCITED!!!!

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  3. I love the pictures.. Today, I wish that I was with you in the amazing Alaskan state! Can’t wait for your return..

  4. Amazing,really!I envy you that you had the chance to take this pictures,well done indeed!

  5. Stunning shots, the colors of Fall have really set in up there

  6. Absolutely beautiful Whit! Wish I could have come visit!

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