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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

10 Things I Love About Fall


Tonight, as a cool rain fell, It suddenly felt like fall to me here in Utah. I was lucky enough to experience fall in all its glory in Denali, Alaska and left just before the snow started. Now I get to experience it all over again. Autumn is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but here are 10 of them!

  1. The sound of leaves crunching underfoot
  2. Beautiful, rich fall colors
  3. The smells: spices, fires, yummy candles
  4. The treats: apple cider, roasted pumpkin seeds, caramel apples
  5. Busting out my scarf collection
  6. Snuggling up under a blanket and reading a good book
  7. Dark, dramatic nail polish colors
  8. All things pumpkin: pie, egg nog, lattes, cookies, carving them
  9. Trick-or-Treating with my cousin, Annie
  10. My birthday (26!)

And I know I’ve said it before (and will say it again), but… I can’t wait to spend next fall in Bulgaria! It’s getting so close I can almost taste the banitsa (cheese-free, of course!).

Hope you are all enjoying this time of year as much as I am.

Much love,



2 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Fall

  1. You should add “BYU Football” to your list. 😉

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