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Apartment Updates


Just got off of gmail video with the hubby, and things are a changin’ at our apartment in Bulgaria! Mostly in preparation for my arrival.

Boy howdy, do I feel like a queen! 😉

We talked about re-doing the bathroom all summer. Some of the tiles were chipped and falling off, so we made sure to save enough money to redo the entire thing. Tiles were purchased yesterday, along with a new faucet and shower head. A new boiler will go in soon, but we are waiting on a new vanity/sink until I get there to pick it out.

Well, the bathroom renovations/updates snowballed (much to my excitement and appreciation) and Vince and his mom repainted the kitchen. Vince bought a new oven, iron, and… deep fryer.

I guess he has grand visions of me baking him a pie (yep, that’s a real request, I was informed I need to bring a pie plate and brush up on my pie making skills), ironing clothes while it bakes, and then frying up some side dish to go with it.

The weird thing? I am totally stoked to do all of the above!

Perhaps I am the one with the grand visions! Domestic Goddess? I’ve got it in the bag!

Vince is super independent, having lived in the apartment by himself since he was 16 (his parents moved about 40 minutes away to take care of his grandparents). When I visited BG, he did most of the cooking, cleaning and laundry. Let’s not even revisit the fact that he had to order all my food for me in restaurants (first asking if cheese was present in any of the dishes), translate for his parents and I, and answer my non-stop questions about what such-and-such sign said.

The boy is a living Saint (most of the time), I tell you what.

Back to the renovations…

After painting the kitchen they decided to take down the wallpaper in the living room and paint, which has now turned into adding texture to the walls (don’t know if I will like it, seems a little out dated to me, but we’ll see!), pulling up the carpet, and laying down parquet.

The apartment is all a buzz with workmen. I am glad I’m not there for all the mess and will just arrive to everything done!

Vince informed me today that there will be “a lot” of visitors when I arrive. Apparently, his entire extended family has informed him they will be stopping by to meet me.

Not gonna lie. I am super nervous.

No English on their part, no Bulgarian on mine. Should be interesting. I see a never-ending game of charades and possibly Pictionary in my near future.

I did have to tell Vince today to not buy any accessories. A girl needs to decorate her space after all!

I am penciling in a trip to Ikea soon after I arrive. Rugs and lamps and throw pillows, oh my!

41 days and counting!



9 thoughts on “Apartment Updates

  1. Vince gets along with everyone, he’s impossible not to love. I am so excited for you Whit, wish I could be there with you to supervise the decorating. But you have good taste so I’m not worried. Just make sure the “mother-in-law” room has lots of color 😉

    • Aw. Thanks, mom! He is impossible not to love! The mother-in-law room is the living room, for now anyway! And I hear the paint I asked to be cream looks a little orange. Oh dear, I guess I’ll be surprised when I get there!

  2. All so very exciting Whit! What a good husband you have. I too was extremely excited about all the “domestic duties” and frankly, still am. I love being a wife to an ever loving, care giving, task sharing husband. Wish I could come with you in December to see all the happenings. Oh and P.S. no doubt his family will love you. 🙂

    • Can you believe we are married? Still freaks me out a little!

      I wish you could come with me too! I need a friend who “gets me” and all my eccentricities!

      Hope to see you while you are home.

  3. How exciting, only a few weeks now. Funny, IKEA is the first place we are hitting in Sofia, right off the plane. New pillows, mattress and sheets………

  4. Very exciting! You have a lot to look forward too 🙂 As for the language barrier- Oddly enough, I’ve found it to be a little easier because then I feel like the pressure is off! It’s up to the translator to facilitate the conversation 😀 Nah, I’m sure you’ll pick up a lot of Bulgarian right away.

    • I guess that is true! And if I say something totally stupid/inappropriate (which tends to happen quite a bit), Vince can censor it and I will never know! Seriously though, I am praying I pick up the language quickly. I had quite the meltdown last time I was there. It all just got to be a bit much.

      How are you doing with the language?

  5. Ooh all sounds very exciting. 🙂

    Vince IS a Saint…let’s be honest… he got along with our entire famdamily… wow.

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