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Sad Times for St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral


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I am working on my Chicago: Day Two post and it should be up later today (read Day One here).

But in the meantime, I wanted to post about a very interesting article I recently read.

The Sofia News Agency,, (via Bulgarian National TV) reports that Sofia’s (and Bulgaria’s, for that matter) most well-known landmark, St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, is in a sad state of repairs and relying solely on private donations and the sales of candles to pay bills and staff salaries, leaving little to nothing for maintenance of the building.

The grand cathedral, famous for its golden domes and elaborate murals, is nearing its 100th anniversary and, oddly, finds itself without an owner/deed holder. This has resulted in a lack of the sustained funding needed to make much-needed repairs and renovations.

The article states, “The staff of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is said to be praying for the Bulgarian state to issue a title deed for the temple so that it can be repaired before its unique murals vanish completely.”

I won’t pretend to understand how such a religiously and culturally important world-famous landmark found itself without an owner, but I certainly hope someone (presumably the Bulgarian government) steps in soon to ensure the cathedral lasts another hundred years.

Truth be told, I have never visited the beautiful site, but I plan to the first chance I get.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

via wikipedia

Guess I should go to bed now!

Back later today with another post.



3 thoughts on “Sad Times for St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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  2. What a gorgeous building! I want to go there when I come over to visit.

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