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Major Life Choice: Bangs or No Bangs?


That’s right…

I consider the decision on whether or not to get bangs a highly important choice in my life at the moment.

I have it rough. I know.

I have a hair appointment coming up next week and I’m beginning to feel the pressure to decide what I want done.

It’s the same story nearly every time I get my hair cut (which is usually only once or twice per year): should I get bangs?

The past few times I have gone in I have come close. But I chickened out right at the end and had my stylist do long, side-swept bangs. Yeah, they’re technically bangs, but wussy bangs, in my opinion!

When I say bangs, I am talking about those full on, straight across, dramatic bangs ala Zooey Deschanel and Emma Stone (who happens to have my dream hair resting on her adorable head).

Granted, Emma's are a little side-swept, but very dramatic

Problem is, those lovely ladies don’t have an uber round face, like I do. Bleh.

In addition to the do-these-bangs-make-my-face-look-even-fatter conundrum, I worry about the time and upkeep that bangs require.

I feel that I should stop here and tell you a little bit about my hair: I love my color (red) and, other than highlights, have never colored it; it’s incredibly thick, naturally curly, and super frizzy.

My straightener is my best friend!

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I am a pony tail girl. Sure, I wear my hair down quite a bit (only after using said straightener or scrunching curls), but I tend to spend little time on my hair in general.

I know that if I get bangs, unless I want to sport headbands everyday, I’m going to have to put some work into doing my hair.

I have a few days to decide if I have it in me.

Oh, and to ogle more celeb photos.



5 thoughts on “Major Life Choice: Bangs or No Bangs?

  1. Get a lovely set of dramatic bangs! I think they’ll be cute on you!

  2. It’s a tough decision! The upkeep can be a pain. Last time I had bangs the worst part was growing them out, it took forever. But maybe you should just go for it! A new do for the new year 😀

  3. I completely understand that while this may seem like a small issue to some… It is so much more. I have the same issue only mine is with dark hair. I highlight my hair most of the time but about once a year decide it should be dark.. So I go dark… And inevitably I hate it. So as for bangs… I worry u will hate them. But who cares?! 🙂 have fun with it.. Try it out and if you hate it you can grow it out. Or you could go to a beauty supply store. They have attachable bangs … No I’m not suggesting you buy them… But try them on and see what you think. good luck and let us know!!

  4. My bangs take like 9 seconds to straighten, so they don’t add much to your hair time. And you know, they grow out super quickly, so if you don’t like them then never fear: you won’t be stuck with them for long. 🙂 Why not go for it?!

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