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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Paperwork and Plans


Last week I received both my FBI background check and my apostillated marriage license in the mail.

Too little too late, unfortunately!

I leave for Bulgaria in just over three weeks, which is not enough time to send for an apostille on the background check and translations for both the background check and my marriage license. BOO.

I suppose with our (tentative) plans to work in Alaska again next summer, it’s all going to work out without too much hassle and need to spend extra money.

Although, I might apply for another background check while I am in Alaska. I don’t know how picky the consulates are and if one dated for November of this year will be acceptable. I mean I could have turned into a mass murderer in the span of a few months, right?

Currently, I am pondering the idea of apply for my visa at the Los Angeles consulate rather that the one in Chicago. I have been jonesing for a trip to Disneyland and I am sure Vince would love it (well, the big rides… not so much the characters), so we could make a vacation out of it if we head to Los Angeles. I suppose Chicago would be a vacation too, but I’m still coming down from my Chicago vacation high, so Disneyland sounds more appealing – I have become somewhat of a Disneyland junky in recent years (Disneyworld is a must at some point soon too!).

I don’t really know what the point of this post is!

Just a general update, I guess.

Hope December is treating you all well.



3 thoughts on “Paperwork and Plans

  1. Pointless random posts are great! 🙂

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