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Photo Request


I got this email last night:

Hi Whitney,

I really liked your photo of Shrubbery Nightingale Park, Darjeeling

I was hoping you would grant us permission to use it on our new website Touristlink.
The photo would be the primary photo for this destination and we would be happy to link
back to either your Flickr website or some other website if you would like this type of credit.

Your picture would appear on this page here:

Please get back to me if you have any questions about the use of your photo.

Tourist link is a new social travel platform and we want to have really good pictures of the destinations we

feature and think your photo would help.


Nice, right?

Of course I said yes!

My trip to India in 2007 was amazing and I am happy that my photos are good enough to be posted on a travel website.

I hope I get more emails like this in the future!

Oh, and I have to say that I am glad I was asked for permission. A lot of people these days just steal photos, and because I don’t watermark mine (yet), I have seen some show up on websites with people passing them off as their own. Not cool.


3 thoughts on “Photo Request

  1. With the new function on Google images it is now easy (and will be even easier) to see if your photos are being used. Google helps you search images that look like yours based on the picture itself i.e the visual layout of forms, colors etc.
    it is at an early stage yet but will get better and better.

    I love to look at your pictures the way they are, that is beautiful and without watermarks

  2. It’s no surprise your photo’s are gorgeous pal!! I cant believe people have stolen your photos, well I can but.. it pisses me right off!

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