Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Here I Go


As you read this I will be flying at about 30,000 feet, crammed into a tiny seat, just wishing I could land in Sofia already.

As I get older, flying seems to be harder and harder on my body. Flying home from Venice a few years ago, I was absolutely sure I had a blood clot in my leg. Freaked. Me. Out.

So now, I tend to choose an aisle seat over the more-comfortable-for-sleeping window seat. At least in the aisle seat I can stretch my legs a bit more. Downside is that I have to get up every five seconds so the people next to me who seem to have squirrel sized bladders can go relieve themselves. No joke, in all my travels I can count the number of times I have used an airplane restroom on one hand. Direct, 16-hour flight from New Delhi to Chicago? Zero. Don’t ask me how I managed that!

I have been loading up on Airborne and packed a little bag with in-flight necessities (ear plugs, eye mask, chapstick, more Airborne and eye drops). I inevitably get sick during or shortly after flying. I am hoping to prevent that this time.

I hope I packed everything I need, took care of everything I needed to at home, and I pray my flights go smoothly and safely.

Next time I post I will be bloggin’ from Bulgaria.

It’s about damn time!

Talk to ya’ll soon!


8 thoughts on “Here I Go

  1. Are you there yet???

  2. Ack! Error above.

    What they (whoever *they* are) say about our feelings towards others affecting us first, is true; not “are right”.

  3. As you read this, you will be in Sofia already! With Vince! W00t w00t!


    P.S.: I like how I’m so caught up in your excitement. What they (whoever *they* are) say about our feelings towards others affecting us first, are right. I’m so happy for you, I can’t help feeling happy myself. Hmm, must remember not to get annoyed when the car behind me honks when we’re all caught in a traffic snarl.

    • Aw, thank you. Kate! It really means a lot to me to have people out there in the world rooting me on. It’s only the end of day one in Bulgaria, but so far it has definitely been interesting (both ups and downs).

  4. Goooooodddd luuuuuuckkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WEEEEEEEEE so exciting!!!! I can’t wait for to hear what it’s like 🙂

  6. I hope you have the time of your life!! I will surely miss you here in the good ole state of Utah. But I am SO excited that you have this opportunity to spend time in Bulgaria with Vince before you both move back to the US!

    I can’t wait to hear of these exciting adventures you are having in Bulgaria!!

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