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Internet Troubles

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Things are going to be a bit quiet on GMB for the next few days. Our internet is down and someone won’t be out to fix it for a couple of days. In the mean time, we are “borrowing” a very weak wifi signal from a neighbor. It’s barely enough to even open WordPress, let alone write out a post and upload photos.

It’s a bit sad how anxious I am without internet. But it has given me time to do other things. Already today without the distraction of the web, I have been quite productive: straightened my hair, did my makeup, cleaned our bedroom a bit, finished a book, and spent some time with the hubby while he studied Java.

The rainy weather in Smolyan definitely isn’t adding anything to my gloomy mood. I suppose this just proves that I have a bit of an addiction to technology and that perhaps it is good for a person to unplug every once and awhile and occupy their mind with other things.

So that’s that. I hope to be back up and running with a new post soon. We overnighted in Sofia this week so I have lots to write about.

Talk to you soon!


One thought on “Internet Troubles

  1. >Already today without the distraction of the web, I have been quite productive

    – Ha-mazing how much gets done when we’re untethered, innit?

    Enjoy harking back to the days of yore!


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