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More Rambling


Oh dear. It’s only been 2 days without proper internet and already I am having major blog withdrawals!

This signal I am *ahem* “borrowing” is awful. How rude of them (whoever they are!).  😉

On a positive note, because we weren’t plastered to our laptop screens today, Vince and I decided to take a drive to my favorite little nearby village–Shiroka Laka.

We knew going out that the roads weren’t in the best shape with the snow fall we have gotten the past few days, but we are optimistic little fools and thought it would be alright.

Well, we got about 10 minutes from the house and were about to head up the road towards the village when the police stopped us and suggested we turn around (suggested as in stood in front of our car). They said that even with chains cars were turning around and heading back to Smolyan.

I was bummed but I also didn’t want to risk dying on the side of some snowy Bulgarian road, so we decided to go grocery shopping instead.

We picked up a bunch of staples: flour, sugar, rice, lentils, laundry soap, etc. But I also threw some junk food in the cart: paprika chips (so yummy!), a swiss roll cake, and the some of the best ice cream I have ever had.

After the big supermarket we hit up a few different butchers for some meat and fish. Needless to say, our fridge/freezer and pantry are now well stocked.

My MIL does all the cooking, so I feel like it is only fair that Vince and I buy the bulk of the groceries.

As an American used to pretty high food prices (relative to the prices here), I was amazed at everything we were able to get for under 60 USD. That being said, it is not lost on me that a large majority of Bulgarians struggle to feed their families each week on the small monthly wages here. It’s truly sad.

Anywho, I didn’t come here to bum everyone out. I just wanted to post a quick update because.. well… like I said, I am having blog withdrawals and if I’m not able to post photos and tales of my adventures, I figured I would just bore everyone with my rambling.

Did I succeed? 🙂

Oh, did I also mention that I played mahjong on my computer for the better part of the afternoon and only won 3 games? At least my brain got a workout!

Hoping we get our internet fixed on Monday. If we don’t, I am seriously considering trekking down to main street to use the wifi in a cafe. My Google Reader is positively bursting at the seams!



5 thoughts on “More Rambling

  1. >That being said, it is not lost on me that a large majority of Bulgarians struggle to feed their families each week on the small monthly wages here.
    – That is a fact of life in all of the handful of countries I’ve lived in. The percentage of the BOP varies in each country, but it is a solid part of each societal pyramid.

    Observations like yours serve as a reminder to be grateful for what I have. Thank you for not shielding this aspect in your post.


  2. K, so I don’t know where my first comment ended up on your blog. Just want you to know I just watched some kids move that Aunt J got A for Christmas and ended up crying! At the end the beloved aunt gets married and moves to Alaska. You had better be having a fabulous time to have left us like this 🙂 Miss you! P and A miss you so much too! I love you and please be safe. Tell Vince we love him too and he had better be taking good care of you! Remember the deal: we need you and you are on the next flight home. Enough blubbering…..
    Your blog is beautiful!
    Aunt Sherie

    • Thanks Auntie Sherie! I got your other comment and replied. Lol. Romano. I remembered it just now, isn’t it Ramona? And I am having a great time. Still makes it hard to not be home, though. Now that it’s been over a week and the excitement of being here is starting to wear off, I am getting a bit homesick. I’ll be home for a visit in under 3 months, though. Hurray for that! Oh, but then it’s off to Alaska for 5 months. My life is crazy! Thanks for reading my blog. I started it to keep family and friends updated, so I am glad to see it is doing its job! Love you and miss you too! I will call you soon to catch up on all the gossip. -W.

  3. Do you really eat ice cream in such a cold weather? 🙂 I am just wandering which one do you like here in BG :)?Enjoy the snow and make snowman,cause here in Germany all I am facing is rain instead of snow :(.Hopefully you will have your net back on Monday, I am anxious to hear about the trip to Sofia:).Have fun!

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