Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Tweet with Me, Ya’ll!


I am loving all my new subscribers. Truly. Thank you all for leaving such great comments and, now that we have our internet back here in our little corner of Bulgaria, I fully plan on visiting each and every one of your blogs to check them out like you did mine.

However, it occurred to me recently that while I have over 100 new subscribers to this little blog o’ mine, I only have about 25 followers on Twitter.

I know Twitter isn’t for everyone, but I have recently begun to really enjoy it, and I would love to follow you if you have a Twitter account (oh, and if you’d follow me, that’d be swell!).

There’s a handy link to my Twitter account right yonder in the sidebar.

Let’s get Tweetin’, everybody!



2 thoughts on “Tweet with Me, Ya’ll!

  1. Sure, why not. I am not quite sure I get twitter and tweets but I will follow you. I enjoy your blog. Keep those great photos and words coming!

  2. Twitter is amazing! I love it so much it’s sort of a mini blog in 160 characters or less 🙂

    So happy I found your blog – it’s inspiring me to travel again and become an expat myself as I once was in England :-)/

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