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Travel Tales: A Disneyland Christmas

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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. – Tim Cahill

Before Christmas becomes another foggy memory and we all pack up our decorations and holiday spirit (if you haven’t already), I thought I would post some photos of my trip to the magical land o’ Disney in December of 2007.

I went with my best friend, E., her younger sister, and their cousin. I have known them all since I was 11 years old and they are basically my second family.

Girls Trip!

As some background, it was not my first trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth.” I had been there a few times before.

My first visits to Disneyland, I just wasn’t really feeling it. Which is weird because I was young and at that ripe Disney-fanatic age.

For some reason, I just didn’t think it was all that special.

Flash forward to my 3rd visit and something clicked. Again, it was a trip with my bestie and her entire family (I’m sure that trip will show up on Travel Tales in the future).

I have been multiple times since, and am now a full-fledged Disneyland junkie. I constantly have the urge to pop some Mickey ears on my head and beeline for Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain (my two favorite rides).

I’m currently in the process of conning Vince into a visit to Southern California on his next visit to the states.

I’d love to make it to Disney World or one of the overseas Disneyland resorts someday as well.

Back to this particular trip…

We went in mid-December and the park was decked out in all its Christmas glory.

Small World


Had to post a pic of one of my favorite D-land rides, and my ALL TIME favorite Disney movie!

The Haunted Mansion converted into Nightmare Before Christmas

"I'm a pirannha from the Amazon!"--My first time on the Finding Nemo submarine ride

Those folks at Disney sure know how to decorate for the holidays! All of the princess’ were dressed in winter-y attire (fur hand muffs and all), the rides were festively decorated, and the shops featured Christmas-y merchandise.

It was awesome!

I can’t wait for my next D-land adventure!



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