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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Sofia to Smolyan in 60 Seconds


On our recent drive back to Smolyan from Sofia, I thought I’d take some photos to occupy the time.

I got the idea to take enough photos to put together into a rapid-speed video showing the entire drive home.

I think it turned out pretty well, and if nothing else, it definitely made the 3 hour drive home pass a little quicker!

I would like to make more videos in the future. I love writing, but sometimes words can’t do the justice that a video can.



What do you think?



11 thoughts on “Sofia to Smolyan in 60 Seconds

  1. That was so cute! I’d love to see more like it in the future

  2. Loved this, Whitney! Do more! 🙂 (PS, I love your writing and photo-journalism equally.)

    • It would have been a better movie if you slowed down a bit. The fast movie tires the eyes a lot and one cannot realize what is going on and cannot see all interesting places you posted. Anyway, your idea is great! Keep posting 🙂 Gd luck!

  3. Hey, do you live in Smolyan? I was there with work (theatre performance, I believe the theatre has since closed down, real shame) in May 2010. Amazing place, loved the mountains and met some incredibly generous people there. Watch out for the mechka!

    • Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog.

      Yep, as of a little over two weeks ago, I do live in Smolyan! My husband is from here and I just moved from the U.S. I am sad to hear that the theater is closed, I was hoping to check it out one of these days. And as for the mechka… are there bears around here?!

      • There were when we were there. Locals were telling us there was a pair of bears, he was from Bulgaria and she was from the Greek side of the Rodopi. Maybe they were pulling our leg!

  4. I like it,but I wold prefer if it was in a slower motion,so that the observer could catch a bit more from the pictures.Other than that it was well done,really well done!

  5. Fun 🙂 Disjointed and impressionistic, it really gives the feel of being in a car and glancing around, noticing things.

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