Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


I haven’t done a SHS in quite some time, but with all the pictures I am taking these days, there’s no reason not to dive back in!

I really liked the prompts for this week and a few of them fit photos that I had been wanting to take since I got to Bulgaria.



1. One Color

It’s not technically one color, but I figured there’s enough white in there to count!

2. Laundry

I felt a tad creepy taking photos of people’s laundry, but because ours was in there too, I felt I was allowed (that’s us where the plaid shirt and blue sweater are–to the right of the nicely stacked firewood). You wouldn’t think laundry would dry out in the cold, snowy weather, but it does!

3. Empty

I posted two photos for this prompt and, sadly, I could have done many more. Smolyan (and Bulgaria in general) is full of abandoned and/or half-finished buildings. The first photo is of an abandoned building near our apartment and the second (which is Smolyan’s biggest eyesore) is a building reportedly started by an Arab sheik and then abandoned when he ran out of funds.

4. One Dozen

Couldn’t think of much for this prompt, so I busted out some of my lip products and took a {crummy quality} photo which I tried to jazz up with a Pioneer Woman action. Count ’em, there are 12!

5. Soft

Nothing better than some soft, fuzzy socks and a mug full of my MIL’s yummy homemade tea.


2 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  1. Adorable coffee mug! It looks so cozy with your fuzzy socks.

  2. Love the photos of the wintry trees and the block housing photos. The mountains in the background are beautiful. Makeup and fuzzy slippers work too. 🙂

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