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Top 25 Best and Worst Things About Being An Expat


Brokerfish (an expat medical insurance broker) posted links on their Twitter feed yesterday to two lists I found worthy of mentioning here on GMB:

Now, I’ve only been an expat for a few weeks now, but lots of the things on both lists apply to me.

I really think the lists warrant a few minutes of your time; especially if you, like me, are an expat (but I still think you will find them interesting, even if you are not).

They really give some insight into both the good and bad that come with packing up your life and moving overseas.

One recommendation: read the “best” list before the”worst.”

All the amazing perks of being an expat really make the not-so-amazing things seem a little less important.

I’d love to hear what you think.


*I have no affiliation with Brokerfish. I came across the links to their blog on Twitter. Just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

3 thoughts on “Top 25 Best and Worst Things About Being An Expat

  1. Solid lists! Not an expat, but I feel like one sometimes after moving 8 hours from home. I can definitely identify with the one about being stuck in limbo.

  2. Those lists were really interesting!

    Funny story it made me think of:

    When I was like in Jr High or something I heard a news story about an expat who did something wrong and wasn’t allowed to come back to the United States.

    That was the first time I’d heard the word Expat.

    Therefore I thought an Expat was a US Citizen who’d been kicked out of the country. Lol.

    Good times.

  3. Oh Wow! Thank you so much for posting this! Such a funny but true read! I love it.

    Im very happy to say that I have dealt with most of the items on the “Worst Things” list but I am still having trouble with #21. I am consistently dealing with -30+ weather…. and getting dressed is always a big ordeal even if Im trying to run to the market for 5 minutes.

    What is something you have struggled with in Bulgaria?

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