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Lattes and Duner Kebaps


The sun finally decided to shine yesterday–although it was still bitter cold outside–and having been giant lazy-butts the past few days, Vince and I decided to walk to a nearby café to get a coffee and just generally be anywhere but the apartment.

We are trying to be good with our money so that we can take some trips when it warms up (Turkey and/or Greece), but sometimes you just have to “splurge” on a couple of {sickly} sweet drinks, right?!


I liked the drinks but I didn’t care for the cigarette smoke and bright sun burning out my retinas, so once we were finished we headed back out into frigid Mongolia (I am such a drama queen!).

I wasn’t ready to head home yet, so we decided to grab something to eat. Enter the duner kebap–known as the doner kebab in other European countries:


My very unattractive Nom Nom Nom face!

He told me not to take his pic... I don't listen very well!

I did a post about my love for the duner kebap awhile back, but I think I forgot just how delicious they really are. What’s even better is the cost–our two medium-sized kebaps only cost us 5 leva (about $3.50). They were more than enough to fill us up until dinner time.

The typical duner kebap contains thinly sliced chicken (off of a big rotating chunk, similar to gyro meat), pickles, shredded lettuce, and fries, all wrapped in pita-type bread. Most people also get it with some sort of sauce, usually garlic or yogurt. I was lame and didn’t get any sauce and I definitely felt something was missing. Next time I am saucing it up!

After chowing down we went to the grocery store to stock up on fruit for the apartment.

After days of doing a lot of nothing, it certainly was nice to get out–even if it was freezing outside!




6 thoughts on “Lattes and Duner Kebaps

  1. Ahhhh, I have such fine memories of doner kebabs! In Berlin a few years back there was a Turkish stand near the flat where we were kipping up, and we definitely visited there several times during our 5 day stay. They thought we were nuts for requesting so much ketchup and mayo. Silly Americans 😉

  2. Being a post about food i’m sure your as shocked as I when I found my favorite part about it to be your nail polish. that must be the color you and your mammie were talking about on the FB eh?

  3. Those kebaps look delicious! Love the Nom Nom face=)

    • They were and thanks! I almost didn’t post the photo, but if I didn’t post every photo where I thought I looks less-than-acceptable, I would have a pretty sparse blog!

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