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Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

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Out for coffee today with the hubster


I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

Just a few announcements:

  • I just started a Facebook page for Girl Meets Bulgaria! So, if you have FB and would like to connect with me there, simply click the “like” button located in the sidebar. Looking forward to chatting with ya’ll!
  • I’ve had a Tumblr page for quite some time now, but never really told anyone about it. Maybe it’s because I have only posted once. That’s going to change soon! My page, Pixels from Afar, will feature my best photographs. I will be writing very little–I hope the photos speak for themselves! Please check it out.
  • Please follow me on Twitter! I have recently connected with some great people and I would love to chat with you there too! Again, there’s a handy link in the sidebar.

As always, thanks so much for all your support! I am truly thankful for all the comments and emails that I have received lately.

Sure make the sometimes-lonely expat life a little less lonely!



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