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It’s In the Bag


I think the items a girl carries in her purse say a lot about who she is.

It’s a little peek into her world.

I don’t know what my stuff says about me, but I hope you enjoy this small piece of who I am!



1. The bag: Mossimo from Target. I tend to carry large bags. I am sure you can tell why!

2. Gloves: A must have in the cold Bulgarian winter.

3. Envirosax: I have 5 and try to keep a couple on me at all times. Not only is it better for the environment but most grocery stores in BG charge for bags. I never used them much at home but they are a god send here! Oh, and they are adorable, so that helps!

4. Random necessities: Hand sanitizer gel from Bath and Body works ( Twisted Peppermint–smells divine), eye drops for contacts, L’Occitane en Provence hand cream (this stuff rocks!)

5. Lip stuff: A constantly rotating selection. The ones I carry currently are a much-loved Burts Bees Lip Balm, MAC Cremesheen Glass (in Boy Bait), and a Philosophy Lip Shine (in Candy Cane)

6. Passport: Apparently I have to have this with me at all times in BG. I carry it around in a passport case I got from Claires years ago.

7. Camera: Carrying around my big Nikon can sometimes be a pain if I am just going out for a quick walk. So, I carry around Vince’s Panasonic most of the time.

8. Hobo wallet: Hobo wallets are my absolute favorite. They are a bit spendy, but they are very well made and last forever. I bought this one specifically for Bulgaria because it’s small and I knew I wouldn’t have to be carrying around my check book and all my cards.

9. Writersblok Notebook: I always carry at least one notebook around with me. It’s filled with random thoughts, little poems, sayings, ideas for blog posts, and lots of lists.

10. Sharpie pen: These are favorite pens. They write really well and are great for doodling.

11. Random change: Don’t we all have some change kicking around in the bottom of our purses?! I found U.S. change, Eurocents, and Bulgarian stotinki in mine.

12. Eyeglasses and Sunglasses: I wear contacts most of the time, but I always carry a pair of glasses with me just in case. And you’ll never find me without my sunglasses! My eyeglasses are Armani, my sunglasses are Coach.

13. A book: These days it’s Lonely Planet’s Bulgaria (great to have when we drive around looking for adventures–if only the weather would warm up so we could actually do it!). I sometimes throw my Kindle in my bag as well.



My passport case is starting to look a little thrashed, but I still love the thing! Not only does it have a cute travel-y pattern, but it holds my cards, cash, and boarding passes as well, which is super helpful when you are frantically running through the airport and need everything in one place (nothing is worse than standing in front of a pissy TSA agent and line of hurried travelers, rummaging through your bags looking for something).

And just because…



When I was in Alaska over the summer I turned in my Utah license for an Alaska one! Sure, I had to take the written test (twice… yep, failed the first time), but it was so much fun to get a brand new license from my new “home” state. Really, I did it because my UT license will expire when I am in Bulgaria later this year, so I figured I would just switch it to AK and not go through the hassle of an expired license–which in Utah means taking both the driving and written test again. Ugh.

Not only did the picture turn out pretty well, but it’s kind of fun carrying around a license from “The Great Land.” Never fail, when I have to show it to someone (outside of AK, of course), they comment on it.

I covered everything because I am paranoid and because it probably isn’t the brightest thing in the world to post my full drivers license for the world to see. Try and resist stalking me, k? If you can! 😉

Believe it or not, I carried a lot more stuff at home. These days I don’t carry a cellphone, car keys, house keys, check book, and most my cards (rewards, Subway, library, etc). And I don’t do as much shopping or eating out here as I did at home, otherwise my bag would be full of crumpled and forgotten receipts, parking stubs, etc.

Well, there you have it! The contents of my purse.

I would love to know what you carry in your bag–I’m just nosy like that!

Leave a comment or link me to your own “what’s in my bag” post!



14 thoughts on “It’s In the Bag

  1. Just to share….now that you are married you should get a litchna karta (BG ID card). Once you have this (you have to have it 90 days after arriving) you won’t need to carry your passport anymore 🙂 I never carry mine because I’m so paranoid that it will be lost/stolen!

    • Hey, Angie! My life would be so much easier if I were able to get the BG ID card, but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get my long-stay (type D) visa before coming to BG this time around. I am leaving a few days before my 90 day limit, but I’ll be back in the fall with my visa; at that point, I will get my ID card. I agree, carrying my passport around makes me a bit paranoid as well!

  2. I love love LOVE your passport holder! So cute and practical. I want one now! As to my purse:

    I just downsized to a small robin’s blue egg faux leather bag from Target. It is still relatively neat since I’ve only been in San Francisco for 2 weeks, but I bet it will get junkier as the weeks go by! At the moment it contains: pocket calendar my boyfriend got me in Japantown with cartoon pandas on it, wallet, vintage coin purse (I liked the small men’s style wallet better, but it has no section for change!), vintage cigarette case, mix cd also from the boyfriend, house key, car key, cell phone, pen, eye drops for contacts, and peppermint essential oil (in case of upset stomach, put a drop on your tongue, works wonders). That’s a lot of stuff for how small this bag is too! When I go to work I have a separate tote that holds my lunch, gloves, and make-up bag. I work at Sephora so I can’t leave random beauty items floating in my purse, they must all be accounted for in a clear plastic make-up bag.

    I need to get more on it with taking photos. I want to try to do a Tumblr as well but I need to get more consistent. When I do I will follow you on there as well!

    • Your purse sounds like it has some fun/cute stuff! And you work at Sephora? Oh man, if I worked there I would spend every dime I made on products in the store! I am a bit of a makeup/beauty fiend!

  3. When you live in bulgaria long enough you will start carring kърпи which are also known as tissues, both the wet and dry versions, very very handy

  4. I posted the promised picture on your FB.Check it out if you want:)

  5. Well in my purse…I just got my first coach purse ever! So I carry that everywhere with me. In my purse I keep my kindle, my cell phone (droid bionic), my wallet, nursing pads,hand sanitizer, chapstick, and my SUV keys. But I also carry a separate diaper bag for my son. In there I keep 3 or 4 sets of clothes for him, a pacifier, nursing cover, diapers, wipes, changing pad and a water bottle for me.

    I’m sure as my little boy gets older more stuff will appear in my diaper bag but I try to keep it down to minimal as possible. Since our trips are never that long…but you never know when he gets hungry and I have to nurse him. I also try to never carry too much stuff with me in my purse. It gets too cluttered and then I can never find what I am looking for.

    Why do you have carry your passport with you all over Bulgaria?

    • Thanks for the comment! How much do you love your Coach purse?! I would love a designer purse, but it’s not in the budget for now! I’m sure when I have a baby I will be carrying around a ton more stuff too. Oh dear, it makes me nervous to even think about! I have a problem with packing light. I carry my passport because I need to have it with me for identification purposes. Apparently, American drivers licenses are not adequate. I’ve never been asked to show it, but I carry it around just in case. It’s not heavy, so I don’t mind much. I am sure if I didn’t have it on me (and got an understand police officer), they would just tell me to carry it next time.

      • I have been trying to to buy a Coach purse for a long time. But I finally just gave up because it goes with everything. It doesn’t scream Coach either, so I love it. I coughed up a nice chunk of money but it was totally worth it!

        Yeah kids bring on a whole new set of things to tote around. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I just have to remember to pack everything before we go out and I have to be ready almost 45 to 60 minutes before I have to go somewhere just in case the little guy has a meltdown or spits up etc.

  6. Thanks for allowing me to peek around in your head!

  7. Everything is so neat and organized in your bag, apparently! My bag… that’s a whole different story. It is heavier than you could possibly imagine :). My make up is way more than I need during the whole day. And of course where to go without umbrella, perfume, wet towels, handkerchiefs,chewing gums, medicines…..and so on…..I will try to make a picture and post it either :). But you know what your things tell me about you :)? Well, you tend to buy more expensive things,but they pay you back with long years of loyalty ( I absolutely agree on this,but sometimes it does not work for me) and you seem to take care of your staff (like the passport case). I am wearing my passport,just like that without protection, you certainly like to have the things in order, cause ” nothing is worse than standing in front of a pissy TSA agent and line of hurried travelers, rummaging through your bags looking for something)”….It was a great entertainment to read the post.You let us (the readers), to have an insight in your personal life and I am thankful:)

    • Oh, Elena! Too be completely honest, my purse is NEVER this clean back home. Actually, it’s a disaster (thinks lots of receipts, wrappers, spilled candy, etc). It’s only clean here because I don’t shop (so no receipts), I haven’t eaten any candy since I got here, and (most importantly) I have nothing but time to sit and organize my bag. I love having so much free time, but I wish I had a job!

      Please do send me the picture if you do one of these yourself! I really do think it is fun seeing what other women carry around.

  8. Yay! Love : ) It’s always fun to see what other people have in their bag. Thanks for sharing!

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