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Shiroka Laka, We Finally Made It!


After two previous attempts, today we finally made it out of Smolyan to the nearby village of Shiroka Laka (22 km away).

The weather was great and the drive–along a narrow, forested road– was even more beautiful than I remembered.

I don’t really know why I like little Shiroka Laka so much–perhaps it’s the authentic Rhodopean houses, tiny churches, or Ottoman era bridges.

Even in the dead of winter, the village is completely charming.

As much as it sometimes hinders our travel plans, winter in the Rhodopes is a beautiful time of year. All the little villages seem even more quaint and magical.

We are planning another visit to the village in early March for Pesponedelnik–one of the most well-known and visited kukeri festivals in Bulgaria.

Until then, I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took on our little adventure.


Blue skies welcomed us on our drive

Inches and inches of snow!


Domed church


Rhodopean architecture

Fallen trees

Churches, churches everywhere!

Gorgeous view as we drove home


12 thoughts on “Shiroka Laka, We Finally Made It!

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  2. That does look like a charming little village! And rather cold at the moment- burrrr. Great pics!

  3. Who’s the bagpiping statue?
    Great pix, hope you don’t mind if I pin a couple? 🙂

  4. Oh my. It’s so beautiful! My fave so far from your Bulgarian adventures (but I know you’ve only just begun 😉 ).

  5. Great pictures! The view in the last picture is breathtaking.

  6. I am Bulgarian and I have never been to Shiroka Laka :(.Shame on me! But these pictures make realize that Bulgaria truly is small but BEAUTIFUL country:).Time for showing off a bit 🙂
    Beside all,I am glad that you’ve made it:)

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