Girl Meets Bulgaria

Musings of an American expat in Bulgaria (with detours in Utah and Alaska)

Flashback Friday


Aww, baby photos!

Who doesn’t love that trip down memory lane? Well, maybe my husband when he knows I am going to post them on my blog!

Luckily, he is a good sport and puts up with my shenanigans (most of the time)!

I think he’s the cutest little baby/little boy that ever did live. Oh, and I think he grew up into a dang handsome man!

Can’t wait to have our own littles…

Cute babe!


Ventsi with his mom


Ventsi with his dad... and Santa!


Rockin' a sweater and manpris


Our car today is not much bigger than this! (kidding, honey!)


Even crazier than the snake around his neck? That outfit! (again...kidding, honey!)


The pics aren’t the greatest quality because they are just a picture of a picture. And… Black and white in the 80s? I guess so!

Thanks again to my awesome hubby for not putting up too much of a fight over me posting these.

Love ya, Hunky!



6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

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  2. Ventsi – you do indeed love Whitney! Thank YOU for letting her share some Bulgarian childhood snapshots with us 😉
    My fav is of you standing on a balcony as a little boy. The background architecture & black/white shading is gritty and looks like a different era. Very nice.

    BTW – can we have “Flashback Fridays” every Friday? I’d like to see more Ventsi family life photos!

    • Ventsi says thank you! I would totally post more photos, but there aren’t any more here at our apartment. He says there are some more at his parent’s house, but that’s about 40 minutes away and we don’t go often. But when we do…!

  3. Ha, good to know that the fashion tragedy of the 80’s was a GLOBAL affair. 😉 Oh, and I love the old-fashion Santa! So cool!

  4. Ha ha! Adorable! The funny thing is, Brock would probably wear that camo outfit today….doesn’t say much for his fashion sense. I found the black and white pictures hilarious because they make it look like he was born in 1930!

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