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My Husband, the Bird Rescuer!


Yesterday, Vince and I were sitting on the couch in our living room (where we can typically be found), when we suddenly saw and heard something hit the window. I initially thought it was some kids throwing snowballs, but then I guessed it was a bird.

Sadly, I was right. We opened up the window and saw the poor lil’ guy (we are going to go with that sex for the sake of the story) laying in the snow. Our window is probably a good 12 feet above the ground, so he had a long way to fall after his collision. It was no surprise that he wasn’t moving. Vince took a clothespin and aimed–I didn’t think he’d hit such a small target from so high up–well, it hit the bird. I think it woke him up because he moved a little. Nothing like flying into a window and falling 12 feet only to be pelted by a plastic clip!

Vince bundled up, grabbed a basket, and went out to play bird EMT.

He came back up with the bird in the basket (which he had lined with our snazzy purple toilet paper). My MIL went and grabbed a piece of bread to put in the basket–you know, nothing beats a concussion and possible internal bleeding like a piece of white bread!


I put on my FIL’s stylish sandals and we went down to the basement (I had to document the situation, of course!). We figured we would just set the basket in there and wait to see what happened.

A few minutes after we walked into the basement the bird flew out of the basket! He was going crazy, flying all over! Of course I was screaming like a little girl and ducking as low to the floor as possible.

Luckily, our basement has a small window, so Vince opened it up and we tried to get Mr. Doesn’t-watch-where-he’s flying to make his way out. It took a few minutes, but he finally got the hint and went about his merry way.

All he left us with was a piece of white bread and a little #2 present (good thing he had manners and used the toilet paper!).

How’s that for a random Saturday post?!

Oh, and what were two cool kids like us doing before all this happened?









5 thoughts on “My Husband, the Bird Rescuer!

  1. Hahahaaa….loved the line about MIL grabbing the white bread…Hahaaa….too funny…
    Fun blog! Your hubby is a good guy for rescuing the bird…
    Stay warm!
    Donna in Texas…

  2. I loved the story and I’m glad the bird lived. All’s well!

  3. Good times. 🙂 I love it. I think you should buy yourself a pair of sandals like that. Forget trying to fit (my) wide feet in skinny ones! Those’ll do! And where, may I ask, did you get purple toilet paper? That’s pretty much awesome.

    • Most of the toilet paper here is colored and/or scented. It’s actually been hard finding normal TP! I am not about to use scented, so our purple rolls have been used for nose blowing and bird rescuing!

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